A little halloween craft...

I have been HORRIBLE in the fun, crafty mom department since Vera was born...I don't know, it is just busy around here and my brain is not feeling creative is my excuse.  BUT I had 2 pickle jars and the inner-Martha was aching to come out...unfortunately I think our crafting hiatus took a toll on Solon - he took 1 look at that paper mache and said nada...Vera on the other hand had it in her hair faster than I could say "NO!" (Typical...)
Here we are ready to go with high expectations....He was geared up and yes still in his PJ's! (Don't judge me!)

The finished Solon project (aka mom project after the first strip...)

He did help in the decision making of the faces...It went like this...
Me: Do you want both to have mummy faces?
Solon: How about a daddy face?
Me: okay....
So there you have it, a mummy face and a daddy face (can you tell which is which?)

Our Nana and Grandma Halloween gifts for their front porches...we filled them with their favorite candies and a tea light! (note the random shoe in the background, we had just washed them ;)
We are just gearing up to Christmas gifts but I might have to find some less messy alternatives!