A little at home tailgating...

Thursday, November 15, 2012
Our little punkin was under the weather for the last tailgate-able game....so she and I stayed home (amazing what you can get done with a sleepy little lady and no 3 year old helpers **wink) and after the game was over Nana, Papa, Scott and Solon came home to tailgate with us.
Solon and Papa used the 1 time use grill in the backyard to roast the weenies - too bad when it was time to roast marshmallows it was already cold - it really is a one time hurryyourtushup kind of grill!  So we "roasted" our marshmallows in the microwave, Dale had never seen a marshmallow microwaved before - he is sheltered - glad I could indoctrinate him!
After the food, the boys, as boys do, returned to the family room to watch (yep you guessed it) football...Solon has become a super fan at the age of 3.  I hope he grows a bit so he can hold his own, I am also thinking of taking stock in bubble wrap...
There is one last home Cyclone game but the kiddos and I will drive to Minneapolis to see my grandma while all the guys go.  Scott will drive to Ames with his dad and come home with my dad!  Slick car pooling skills if you ask me...and yes it was my idea -thankyouverymuch!

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