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Solon's eye update...

Thursday, November 29, 2012
Have I ever told you blogging is like therapy for me sometimes, helps me to put my feelings not cohesive thoughts and helps me with that preface I will share with you Solon's eye report...

For me it is about perspective as I hear stories of children with cancer and other awful, never want your child to have to go through diseases, but just the same Solon's little eye continues to get worse...

Today we went and although praying for God to completely heal his right eye, I knew in my heart it had gotten worse despite the patching.

We went into the first exam room and as Solon kept failing the eye test my heart sank....first and foremost because he couldn't see, he couldn't see and how did I not know?  To my recollection he could look at books, see the TV, catch a ball and run, jump, move without any complaints....

Then the nurse said, I think we need to dilate his eyes again even though it has only been 6 this point that little lump in my throat started to form as I thought "hold it together girl!"  The nurse had noticed his eye had significantly decreased in visioning just 6 months....

So I proceeded to hold my son down while she put the stinging drops in his eye.  Have you ever held your son down while he screamed outin pain, it was awful.  I did it for his ears but it still was AWfUL....when he was done I just held him as I teared up again.....then we waited....

Sure enough Dr. Suh confirmed that is right eye has become lazy from that droopy lid and he is using his left eye for most of his vision....straining both eyes!  So Solon will need to continue to patch and now wear glasses....

I know glasses are not a big deal in the scheme of things but you have to wear them everyday, it changes the way his face looks, I feel like I failed him in the patching department, and I don't want him to be made fun of for his glasses.....I want him to be perfect....I want his eye to be perfect, I don't want him to have to go through this.....I should have prayed more, been more consistent but beating myself or wishing isn't going to change it....

So you see it is not really about the glasses....but we have him excited because grandpa wears glasses and so does his new bear we made today (we needed a pick me up!!!).  

We go back in 4 months and hopefully the additional hardware will heal his eye.  H can still dream of football and play sports, he is my little boy and I won't stop praying his little eye is made perfect again but until then I know it is made perfect in Gods handiwork, nothing is by mistake from God and I will thank God for strengthening us in this process....

Check back to see my sweet little boy in his new hardware.....he will be the cutest little boy in glasses around!!!

Multitude Monday....

Monday, November 26, 2012
429.  A safe trip to Cedar Falls and Waconia
430.  Grandparents who LOVE on our grandchildren
431. Seeing 2 great-grandmas, my aunt Chris and extended family in 4 short days
432.  I was off kitchen duty for 4 blissful days
433.  The country and lake air was good for Cy
434.  My mom and dad took both  kiddos in their room so I could sleep
435.  My sister Ellen is such a doll with my kiddos
436.  An amazing memory maker at Macy's downtown Minneapolis Santa village (I may have teared up from the moment)
437.  A great dinner out celebrating my moms victory over cancer!!!!!
438.  A fun shopping date with my mama and sister
439.   The kids are healthy again (maybe next week I can say the same for Scott and I)
440.  Our techie neighbor who helped us with our computer
441.  A yummy thanksgiving feast by mom-in-law
442.  Not burning the house down while making pies
443.  The beautiful warm weather last week so we could hike in papas woods
444. Papa playing "balls" with Solon on their pool table
445.  My dad golfing with Solon on the green in 30 degree weather
446.  My new fun dress a d yellow coat!  Thanks mom....
447.  Solon belting out his favorite tunes for the target checkout lady
448.  Getting to know the target employees....we have a class act here!!
449.  Friends who have had 2 healthy twins despite what doctors told them in utero....God can still do our impossible.... Nothing is too hard for him!!!

I hope my computer and I are on the mend soon!!!

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree...

Saturday, November 24, 2012
Have I ever told you how much I love, love, love Christmas.  Not only the decorations, the traditions, the gatherings of family and friends, good music but it is also most importantly the birth of our Savior
This post is about our Christmas tree decorating party...this year Scott and Solon set up the tree (it is like the easiest thing to put together - it comes in 3 parts - easy as 1 -2 -3.)  Then I fluff and wrap the ribbon during nap time and then after dinner we turn on some good Christmas tunes nice and loud, break out the egg nog, don some new Christmas PJ's for the kiddos and get to singin', dancin' and decoratin' the tree.  I remember many years of decorating with my family as does Scott.  The crazy music/dancing is my contributition and the egg nog - Scott's.  I love how our two childhoods come together to make our very own tradition with our family!  Solon ABSOLUTELY loves looking at all the ornaments, finding his and placing on the tree - he was a little less than thrilled with Vera's undecorating **wink!  She was all over the place so sadly I didn't get a picture of her in her too cute for words red polka dot Santa PJ's.
Solon got to place the first ornament this year...wearing his "fancy PJ's" as Scott calls them!  They remind me of Clark Griswold PJ's ;)
...and our finished tree!  We have no theme.  Growing up, Scott and I each received an ornament every year.  We have carried on that same tradition with our kiddos and so our tree is fully of many memories!  I think it might just be the most beautiful tree around ;)!
Now Let the Christmas Season commence...many more tradition oversharing to come!  I know you can't wait!

Happy Thanksgiving...

Thursday, November 22, 2012
Today I am overflowing with gratitude. 

Gratitude to my savior and the giver of Eternal life. 

Gratitude for my husband, my children, my family and my friends.

I have been counting my blessings for a few months now to constantly reflect on how God has truly blessed me (so much more than I deserve).  Thanksgiving is a day to give thanks for our free country, the opportunity to openly worship, our family, the little luxuries like cars, water service, electricity, heat, working appliances, food in the pantry, gas in the gas tank, Scott's job,  and happy healthy kiddos.  It is always about perspective for me! 

I love days like today when I can say thank you to those I love for the cherished memories and many more to come and all they have taught me in my lifetime.

There is not a Thanksgiving that goes by that I don't think of my Aunt Susan.  She died the sunday after thanksgiving 11 years ago.  It was really life-changing for me to say good-bye to someone so young.  Her life was cut too short and she left behind 2 small children.  Her passing really jolted my faith and got my search for a relationship with Christ going.  I am thankful to her for teaching me so much both on this earth and after.   I pray I can make her proud and continue to forge a special relationship with her children whom I dearly love!  She will always hold a special place in my heart.

Counting my blessings today and Everyday - Happy Thanksgiving!

Here are some of my greastest blessings in life - I don't know how I got so blessed!

My Pie Sous-Chefs...

Wednesday, November 21, 2012
Our contribution to the Thanksgiving feast are the desserts...our usuals include apple pie, pumpkin pie and Scott's 4-H award winning chocolate-pecan pie (so rich but so yummy)...In order to get all the pies done, we have to make the pumpkin pies during the day...the other two Scott mostly makes with Solon's help!  I love the picture above because this is how cooking with our dog Cy goes - she is better than a vacuum any day of the week...She sits right under us and licks up any spills!  Vera (as seen below) even likes to get in on the acction and give us a heart attack as she climbs the step stool.  She is EVEN more curious than her brother and wants to be "BIG" just like him...
...and yes Cy has Vera's number, she likes to share often and generously with Cy...there are no complaints from Cy!
Besides the little faux pas and billowing smoke from our apple pie drippings, the pies turned out...good thing it was 60 degrees so we could air out the house - so much for a nice freshly-baked pie smell...Martha Stewart we are not!

Daddy Chauffeur...

Tuesday, November 20, 2012
I remember having hours of fun with laundry baskets as a kid...our kids are no exception!  They love being toted around by daddy around the house...luckily there were no bumped heads just lots of laughs...

Faster Daddy was the common utterance....Scott always comes up with the best ideas to entertain our kiddos!

Multitude Monday...

Monday, November 19, 2012
409.  Having the excuse to sing Christmas songs as I practice for the Christmas concert at our church
410.  Putting up the Christmas tree as a family and our egg nog drinking tradition while we all decorated (and Vera undecorated ;)
411.  Watching my son and Scott play the Wii together
412.  Solon and Vera tackling and wrestling
413.  Vera running to Solon after he slept in and giving him a big hug and how he hugged her in response - melt my mommy heart
414.  A quiet weekend at home (PJs for half the day or all day if you are our children)
415.  Going to West Des Moines to the tree lighting (we have gone 5 of the last 6 years)
416.  Good deals
417.  Australian coffee
418.  A Target date with my best girl (teach them young about mom-daughter shopping dates!)
419.  Solon is on the mend after a NASTY case of croup
420.  SLEEP (see #419)
421.  A Cyclone win and going to a bowl game
422.  All God continues to teach me and praying BIG prayers
423.  My mom finished radiation for her breast cancer
424.  Planning for the holidays - I LOVE LOVE LOVE this time of year
425.  A fun playdate at the Playground for Kids and the good nap that followed
426.  Completing some DIY projects around the house
427.  Spotify - our favorite songs just 1 click away
428.  humidifiers

A little wreath making...

Sunday, November 18, 2012
My mom always has made beautiful homemade wreaths.  She made me some when we moved into our house but after 6 years of being on the front door, they were looking a little worn.  So I found my inner-Cindy and pulled out the glue gun and got to work...the front door wreath is more elaborate since it is sheltered but the light wreaths for either side of the garage door are a little more simple as I didn't want the bulbs breaking...I am pretty proud of my skills, thanks mom for passing on your wreath making skills....
The outdoor light wreaths

Close-up of the front door wreath

Front Door Wreath

The outdoor light wreaths
Still working on the bows but I am getting the hang of it...I have since done 3 more for my new lit garland on the mantle...and yes our tree is up!  Why not?!

Cutting the purse strings...

Friday, November 16, 2012
Note: I know 2 (yes 2) soap-box style posts this week...I promise to store it away for a few days and return to blogs about my kids but I have just so much on my heart lately, I am pouring it out on to if you dare!

Before you have children, you listen to oodles upon oodles of stories about how parenting goes and you formulate just how you will parent (it is packaged in a neat nicely organized little box in your mind).  I will never do x, y or z and I sure won't do this and by golly why would you ever dream of doing that....sound familiar?

Then you get pregnant and you quiz everyone you want advice from and then you get a whole lot of advice you didn't request, you read some books, online articles, get the daily inbox note on what you should be doing and you try to juggle it all to be the perfectly conformed parent in society - right? Okay maybe it is just me....

Baby arrives and you realize just how little you knew and how much you have to learn - that is called humility folks and every day you learn to be more humble and judge just a little less the other parents that are just like you - doing the best they can do with what they read and were told.

Okay so then for me, baby #2 rolled along and well I started to realize that life wasn't about pleasing every advice giver and society as a whole.  Why was I conforming to what I should or shouldn't do.  I mean who said 12 months was satisfactory to wean a child from nursing and why couldn't I use coconut oil to ease exzema instead gobs of steroids (remember I am not bashing people that do any of these things).  What I am saying is, I tuned out my own mom-tuition to hear everyone elses' and what I failed to realize is God instilled that mom-tuition in me for my children.  Weaning Vera at 12 months wasn't gonna work for me and by golly that is OKAY - did you hear me it is okay.  I am not some wacky  prairie woman getting in touch with my natural side - no Vera was not ready to be done.  She naturally weaned at 14 months with no tears, no pain on my part - one day we were just finished - voila - the end....

It got me thinking that we give a whole lot of advice to other moms about what is "right" or what she "should" do and we judge people for giving a pacifier, nursing, bottle feeding, co-sleeping, rocking their kiddo to sleep, having a schedule, not having a schedule, having bumpers in the bed, using disposable diapers, etc. etc. etc. 

My best advice (yikes I am giving you advice) is to tune out everyone else but YOU...I (yep me Erin!) was ordained by God to be the mother to Solon and Vera.  He knew we would be a perfect match and whatever I did, I would do to the best of my ability for MY kiddos. 

So now when I think about what I should do - I don't hear the little birdies saying this is the social norm - I look to them as guides and then think about what is best for my family.  Nursing just happened to be the straw that broke the camel's back for me but you could probably list off numerous hot button topics that we get sucked into (potty training anyone? :/ okay we won't go there)

Cut the purse yourself from what society thinks is right and do what is best for your family.  Knowing your kiddos better than anyone else and knowing EVERY kid is different.  Parent with your knees and ask for God's wisdom and grace!  You can't go wrong and who cares if they look at you and say "YOUR STILL NURSING?" (because that never happened to me or it happened about 1000 times) Come up with some smart ---- response (or refer them to this post)...

A little at home tailgating...

Thursday, November 15, 2012
Our little punkin was under the weather for the last tailgate-able she and I stayed home (amazing what you can get done with a sleepy little lady and no 3 year old helpers **wink) and after the game was over Nana, Papa, Scott and Solon came home to tailgate with us.
Solon and Papa used the 1 time use grill in the backyard to roast the weenies - too bad when it was time to roast marshmallows it was already cold - it really is a one time hurryyourtushup kind of grill!  So we "roasted" our marshmallows in the microwave, Dale had never seen a marshmallow microwaved before - he is sheltered - glad I could indoctrinate him!
After the food, the boys, as boys do, returned to the family room to watch (yep you guessed it) football...Solon has become a super fan at the age of 3.  I hope he grows a bit so he can hold his own, I am also thinking of taking stock in bubble wrap...
There is one last home Cyclone game but the kiddos and I will drive to Minneapolis to see my grandma while all the guys go.  Scott will drive to Ames with his dad and come home with my dad!  Slick car pooling skills if you ask me...and yes it was my idea -thankyouverymuch!

Recovering Worry Wart...

Tuesday, November 13, 2012
Do you worry?  Do you fear for the unknown, the other shoe dropping, the dark that lays ahead?  I am a recovering worry wart and come from a long line of them.  We worry about everything from what shirt I will wear to if that person will be healed.  There is a lot to spend time worrying over.  But what does God think about worrying? 

One of the first verses I ever memorized was Philippians 4:6-7

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.  And the peace which transcends all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.
After reading that I bet you are thinking, Erin has gone bananas - really worry about nothing?  HOW?  Well to be honest, I still worry but not like I used to because I have put this very verse into practice.  There is a promise to claim.  In every area of your life, if you have a worry to worry, instead of worry - PRAY.  Really?  that is the best advice you have Erin - pray!  Yep!  Pray....
When your mind begins to wander with worry and you are concious of it, start to pray.  It doesn't even have to be the big stuff.  God wants to hear all of our thoughts and concerns, He knows them already.  So let me give you an example.  Just the other day, Vera was fussy, I mean REALLY fussy.  To the point, I was "worrying".  Okay so once I realized I was worrying, I started to pray.  Beyond calling the doctor, giving her some medicine and consoling her - there was not more I could do.  I am not saying I don't do the above things, I do, but in the meantime while I wait for her to feel better, I ask God to take care of her.   And low and behold my anxiety turned to peace...
Because we worry about all things, here is another example on my brain right now.  My mom is just about finished with radiation and I know we all fear the cancer "could" come back but if I sit and worry about it, will it change the future?  Nope - so what have I decided to do?  Earnestly pray for my mom to remain in remission for the rest of her life.  God's will will be done and I have to trust His plan is best.   
There's a truth to be told - no matter how much worrying you do - it will not change the outcome!  Now, if you turn those worries into prayers, God hears us.  How do I know, below you will find just 3 of the many, many examples of God's promise to hear our prayers in His word.
I sought the Lord, and He answered me;
He delivered me from all my fears.
Psalm 34:4
The eyes of the Lord are on the righteous,
and his ears are attentive to their cry.
Psalm 34:15
The righteous cry out, and the Lord hears them;
he delivers them from all their troubles.
Psalm 34:17
We can trust God's word to be steadfast and true.  So if He says it, He means it.  So next time you find yourself worrying, turn your worry into a prayer and God will meet you right where you need him.  I will leave you with a few more promises I hold on to....

God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.
Psalm 46:1
So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you and help you;
I will uphold you with my righteous hand.
Isaiah 41:10
Cast all your anxiety on him, because He cares for you.
1 Peter 5:7
Remember nothing is too small or too big for God.  His vastness and authority surpasses our understanding and so does his deep love for us.  He can take all your burdens and when you give them to him in prayer, you will find the peace in your circumstances that can only come from Him.
Now get out there and stop worrying, live life with the freedom that God is in control!  And when tempted to worry....just pray! 

Multitude Monday....

Sunday, November 11, 2012
388.  75 degree weather in November
389.  Date night with my husband
390.  Sushi again after a hiatus for pregnancy and nursing - Sakari on Ingersoll was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!
391.  Christmas shopping with my hubby
392.  Cleaning out for a good cause - our church is doing a free clothing giveaway on Friday!
393.  A great babysitter who knows the drill and loves our kiddos
394.  Grabbing Christmas books at the library
395.  Pine tree smelling candle (called Mistletoe - much cuter name than "pine tree")
396.  Christmas music on the radio
397.  Celebrating our friends' daughter's birthday
398.  Bounce houses - they wear my kiddos out ;)
399.  Playing games with Solon
400.  phone calls from Australia (**wink)
401.  Online shopping and packages arriving
402.  Holding a newborn baby (Little Miss Evelyn is a cutie and so tiny!)
403.  Teeny tiny pony tails in Miss Vera's hair
404.  Frilly dresses and Vera twirling in them
405.  Solon's imaginary friends Isaac and Evan (who happen to be his real-life friends) and how he plays, chases and tackles them
406.  our family adventures - checking out the new houses in the neighborhood and Solon & Scott rescuing some large kids balls in the  corn field
407.  Operation Christmas Child - filling a box and thinking about the child who receives it
408.  Our Armed  Forces and their sacrifice for our freedom.  It is a family sacrifice and I thank them! 

"Do not merely listen to the word and so deceive yourselves, do as it says." James 1:22
God has been convicting me to do as Christ commands, put what I am learning into practice and apply it to my heart, attitude and life!  After all, it is the very least I can do to thank Him for my many blessings and the blessing of eternal life in Him!

Cytennial Homecoming...

We headed up to Ames to catch up with some of Scott's fraternity brothers and hang out with the family!  It was a fun day...despite the many trips up and down the stairs with Solon (he likes to frequent the concourse regularly for snacks and restroom breaks :)

Nana the "Vera whisperer"
The camponile - such a beautiful ISU campus...
Vera doing a little tailgating in her sized chair...
The traditional Wetherbee picture (note my dad's golf glove - it is an inside joke ;)
This guy played the tuba for Vera....she was very perplexed...
We then left the kiddos in capable grandparent hands and went over to the FarmHouse Fraternity tailgate to catch up with good great friends.  Kelly (in yellow) was home on leave from his job in Algeria and Seth and his wife from China just moved back to Des Moines.  Great to catch up with them and lots of other guys too...still laugh so hard with them!!!
Grandma and Solon...
This is how we survive the game - we farm our kiddos out - it is the best case scenario for Scott and I.  And Solon totally has my dad's # and now asks if they can go get "Sugar" aka cotton candy- we have to tell him to wait until atleast the 2nd quarter :)
We hope we can cheer them on in a bowl game!  They are certainly an entertaining team to watch and they are going toe to toe with some of the nation's best!

Crazy sleepers...

Saturday, November 10, 2012
You never know what position you will find our kiddos - sometimes on all 4's on their belly, sometimes sprawled out on their back...but they are always so sweet "sleeping like babies".  I just love staring at them and giving them one more kiss before I go to bed...

Spin Art...

Friday, November 9, 2012
One of Solon's friends was not able to make his party back in August and during the move they uncovered the ungiven gift - Solon was elated at the belated present!  My friend Sarah always finds the neatest art type gifts and this one did not dissapoint.  Solon really enjoys it!  Crayola's color wonder twister!
First you pump the button to get the paper to spin...

Then you add different colors...

And voila....beautiful (frame-worthy) art...I have plans to put it in a little frame, I think it is so neat!

What a fun project for the winter days ahead - thanks Sanderson's!

Doin' some hair...

Thursday, November 8, 2012
I got some teeny tiny little hairties at the store and thought we would try to pull together some of Vera's super fine, soft hair into a pony can see the pictoral results below and Vera's thoughts on it...

She hates anything in her hair (I know it pains me too!) but nothing a little recurring practice won't fix, right???  She is a sweetie!  We have not tried since!

Mommy-Solon Date...

Wednesday, November 7, 2012
As our kiddos are getting older, I am trying to find more time to do special things one on one with each of them.  I knew (from teaching) that CY Stephens (at ISU) and the Civic Center (In DSM) have kids series they put on for schools and families alike.  They are generally during the day and are VERY affordable (like $4 a ticket!).  I decided I would test the waters and see if it was something Solon would like and asked Marty (Scott's mom) to babysit Vera.  We went to see Clifford the Big Red Dog up at CY Stephens and since we were not in a group, we got to sit in the front row.  WHOA, I have never sat in the front row!   Solon was a little overwelmed at first, not sure if it was the mass amounts of noisy children, the loudness of the audio system or the kid getting stuck in the chair behind us (yes it really happened).  But after the performance, I asked what he thought and he said, "It was awesome, can we do it again!".  Of course my heart was filled and was so happy to spend a little time just one on one with my little guy.

After the performance (about 1 hour long) we went to eat at Hickory Park and we even had dessert and I let him pick out of the penny candy wall (more lke 5 cent candy!).  We both had a great time!  I hope to have a few more special dates with him before he starts preschool (cue the tears at the thought ;).

What a special boy God blessed me with!  He was excited to get home to Nana (he was a little stressled leaving her because she is so much fun too!).  Vera and Nana enjoyed their special time too!

A little halloween craft...

Tuesday, November 6, 2012
I have been HORRIBLE in the fun, crafty mom department since Vera was born...I don't know, it is just busy around here and my brain is not feeling creative is my excuse.  BUT I had 2 pickle jars and the inner-Martha was aching to come out...unfortunately I think our crafting hiatus took a toll on Solon - he took 1 look at that paper mache and said nada...Vera on the other hand had it in her hair faster than I could say "NO!" (Typical...)
Here we are ready to go with high expectations....He was geared up and yes still in his PJ's! (Don't judge me!)

The finished Solon project (aka mom project after the first strip...)

He did help in the decision making of the faces...It went like this...
Me: Do you want both to have mummy faces?
Solon: How about a daddy face?
Me: okay....
So there you have it, a mummy face and a daddy face (can you tell which is which?)

Our Nana and Grandma Halloween gifts for their front porches...we filled them with their favorite candies and a tea light! (note the random shoe in the background, we had just washed them ;)
We are just gearing up to Christmas gifts but I might have to find some less messy alternatives!

Multitude Monday...

Monday, November 5, 2012
368.  My health and thankful the 24 hour flu is just that 24 glad to be on the mend (a weight loss plan I would not recommend)
369.  My inlaws came and "tailgated" at our house
370. Answered prayers - I don't think I can say this ENOUGH!
371.  The opportunity to voice my opinion tomorrow at the polls and vote - thankful we live in a free country and that we serve an almighty God.
372.  leading worship at church
373. a supportive hubby who took care of the kiddos and house while I was sick
374.  sweet notes from friends that are so encouraging
375.  finding good deals for the holidays
376.  A chance to get some crafting projects completed
377.  laid back kiddos who were lazy with me today in our PJ's all day
378.  family movie night (we watched a Madagascar Christmas special on Netflix)
379.  Comming home to find Scott and Solon busting a move with our record player
380.  Cy continues to improve daily
381.  Vera's "talking"
382.  great bible study and good application in my heart
383.  being on the same page with my husband and his leading of our home
384.  blogging - it is so fun to look back over the last few years....
385.  little arms reaching out for me
386.  Solon's rapping song (it goes like this boom boom cha I love mommy, I love daddy, boom boom cha)
387.  the opportunity to pray and say goodbye to friends that have meant so much to us as they move to MN to start their next chapter.

Our pastor shared this with us this weekend and I thought I would share....

Prayer is our steering wheel, not our spare tire.
Until now you have not asked for anything in my name. Ask and you will receive, and your joy will be complete. 
John 16:24
Remember God hears our prayers!

Carvin' a Punkin...

Sunday, November 4, 2012
Earlier this fall we picked out some pumpkins out at Center Grove Orchard.  We picked a white pumpkin for Vera (because I have always wanted to get one) and Solon insisted on a teeny weeny little pumpkin.  He is not into anything scary or remotely close to it (he has a Jack O'Lantern my mom had made for him with his name and he won't light it - too scary!).  So we went with some polka dots with a drill (thanks to some blogs I follow for the inspiration) and a happy face on his.
Vera was very interested and not at all grossed out - Solon was not super into it again this year and like last year gagged a few times (Click here for last year).  Cy is on steroids and was trying to grab every last morsel of pumpkin to eat...the girl is hungry all.the.stinkin.time!

I have to admit I was PUMPED to try my hand at the drilled polka-dots it equaled LOTS of fun for Solon and I.

Our finished products - see nothing scary about it!

and let me remind you of 2 years ago...
And last year...
They grow up TOO fast!

Daddy's Halloween at work...

Saturday, November 3, 2012
Scott's company hosts a family halloween party the friday before Halloween every year.  They give the kiddos lots of candy, little trinkets, and each work group comes up with a theme.  Most of them (wink!) pick kid friendly themes...Scott's work group was zombies.  He wore my old costume (that thing has gotten some miles) and went as a pumpkin ;).  He is kind of like Jim from the Office (does not dress up).  The kiddos had a great time!

Seseme Street theme...there was also a board games theme, HS theme, wide world of sports, etc.
...and Solon just finishing up a little bit of coloring work at Daddy's messy desk before we left.  Scott says a messy desk means business is good (HA!).  We headed to Pizza Ranch for the first and last time...Solon has been dying to go but it really was a little too stressful for me...AH!  Limited quantitites of pizza and people not executing common rules of line formation and you get the idea...
Solon enjoyed all events thoroughly which was what it was all about!

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