Vera Antics...

Our kiddos keep us busy...So much so that I thought I would use pictoral evidence to illustrate.  This post is dedicated to all things Vera and there will be another one shortly for Solon.  They are equal parts hilarious and exasperating and all parts love.
Ah...isn't she cute - note this is the only time she stays still and even then, not so much, I am always finding her in a different position than last time.  She really likes to chuck things out of her bed or use the bumper as a step stool ;)

I found her like this the other day - how she got her shirt to do that is beyond me, but I tried to correct it and she FREAKED out.  Yep I am so in trouble during her teenage years.  We are working on modesty NOW!

And yes she still LOVES the dishwasher...

She loves to swing...I love this outfit because it is so mismatched, it is comical...the day got colder and colder and so we just kept adding layers...she still looks good in a variety of stripes and colors.

And her favorite thing to do is "share" with Cy.  Her mantality is "one for me, and one for you" Cy happily obliges and now when Vera has food, Cy is VERY close by aka ON - TOP - OF - HER which only encourages her to share more.  I love her enthisastic way of giving!
She also loves to climb on stairs, has a new passion for all things utensil (as in forks, spoons, straws) and loves to carry them around at all times (think she has a spoon in her bed for nap today!), likes to carry her too big to carry blanket everywhere, hates to have her diaper changed, has decided to become a walker, wants to be doing whatever Solon is doing, LOVES pancakes, blows on her food before eating and thinks Solon's peek-a-boo is the funniest thing in the world.
There is nothing like baby giggles, snuggles, and kisses to brighten your day.  She is busy but she is a keeper and we love her 1000 years (as Solon says - stay tuned for his post)!