Some Solonisms...

What...I know, I have temporarily fallen off the blog bandwagon but I will be back soon...we have had a busy, busy week BUT until then I will share this week's Solonisms....

The other day we were making a grandparent craft for halloween and asked Solon if he wanted a mummy face on both and he said, "How about a daddy face?"

In the car, I could hear him digging in the ol' schnoze and I asked him what he was doing and he said "I just need to wash my hands when I get home" and I asked why and he said, "because there was a boogar in my nose and I got the booger out of my nose and it is on my finger".

After telling Solon about the run down for the day, he said "That sounds great for me mom!" in a super excited voice.

Last night we were talking about Vera coming into our family and he said, "yes and next time we will just go to the hospital and pick up another one like Vera."  Yep they just give them away there buddy!

I asked him if he wanted another baby in our family someday and he said yes (phew and no we are not pregnant) so then I asked him if he wanted a boy or girl and he said "mom that is a hard trick" and he couldn't choose. 

On the same note, he said, "Someday when I am big I will have a baby in my tummy!" I said, "Nope, buddy your wife will have a baby in her belly, boys don't have babies in their bellies." to which he replied, "nope mommy I will have a baby in my belly."  We left it at that.

We asked Solon how much he loved us and he said "1000 years."

We sat down to the table and did not immediately pray to which Solon SHOUTS out..."GUYS....GUYS...Guys we almost forgot to pray, let's pray!" 

Solon was eating mac n'cheese and he says to Scott...."Dad you should try it, it is really good."  Hmm, wonder if he has heard that before.