One man's trash, another woman's treasure...

One night I was driving home and low and behold, I noticed a LARGE pile of "garbage" ready for pick-up on my neighbor's curb.  I spotted 2 rather ugly 1980's lamps and drove quickly home to coerce my husband into running down to get them with me.  He was like "WHAT?"....I mean we wasted valuable time with his "why" - he should know me by now but I finally talked him into it and off we went to capture this gem of a lamp and its sister (which is still a work in progress).  I actually was in the market for some updated lamps and figured these came at the right price, and if they didn't work out, I could put them back where I found them (well out of courtesy I would put them in my can).
The before

And after...oh I do love that lamp!  Might be one of my favorite DIY's to date!
What do you think?  That is not its final resting spot, I need to take a photo of its new home on our console table in the family room.  A little semi-gloss spray paint and a new lamp shade from Target ($24.99) and I think this baby has a new more posh look.
What have you found out of the trash can?  It's worth keeping an eye out and an empty never know what you mind find for the right price of free!
Total cost of the lamp was $30 with lamp shade and can of spray paint
The thrill of a mid night evening run to capture said item - priceless (I nearly peed my pants from laughing, I know hard to believe!)