Multitude Monday...

It is perfect timing that I switch my attitude and focus on all things good.  To be honest...sometimes it is HARD to get my flesh to remember just how thankful and blessed I am.  SO I am glad I do it every week ;).  I am sure no one else has those days where they feel annoyed, judged, frustrated, hard to put your feelings into words, etc. etc. BUT putting our focus on Him helps me to get back on track and remember it is really not about me at the end of the day...

287.  I survived the ride along at the Iowa Speedway - how do I get roped into these crazy, fear-provoking events.
288.  I conquered my fear
289.  Leading worship at our church this weekend - isn't it funny how God uses the things we are least secure about (like me singing) for His glory!
290.  So many moments of laughter with my family
291.  Picking out the perfect pumpkin, Solon was on a mission
292.  Sweet hugs from my hubby or shoulder squeezes for no reason just to tell me he loves me
293.  Still have my special time with Vera each nap and bedtime
294.  A great swimming lesson class last week - could not have gone better - wahoo!!!!
295.  The library
296.  Watching Solon mimick me while strolling his mini cart around the grocery store - hilarious
297.  iPhone videos and sharing them with family all over the world
298.  Happy squeals from Vera when she wakes up - she is a happy baby when she wakes up
299.  Cleaning the house for company - nothing says clean like visitors coming
300.   an ISU victory and the wole family cheering them on in the family room
301.  good talks with both of my sisters - I love them so much
302.  Mom tolerated her 1st week of radiation well
303.  Mom, Dad and Ellen got to see me sing and joined us at church
304.  Scott took last Thursday off from reffing to just be home with us
305.  Solon's reminder about the little things like how exciting falling leaves can be
306. The cooler weather and pulling out sweatshirts, slippers, and crockpots

Our puppy is refusing to eat and losing weight and is quite lethargic.  I pray that we can figure out what is going on and that we can fix it.  Even our furry friends have a special place in our hearts and we just want her to be her perky self;).  Solon has been praying for her, it is so sweet.