Multitude Monday...

347.  A great visit with my mom who came down to see her grandbabies trick or treat
348.  Answered prayers
349.  God's lesson on humbleness for me last week and changing my heart
350.  Solon now loves swimming lessons - (See #348 ;)
351.  halloween candy
352.  Cy's blood counts are up - she seems to be doing better!
353.  Contentment
354.  Great Titus bible study lately and walls being broken down
355.  Thinking about Elizabeth (John the Baptist's mom) and her faithfulness to God in not only action but in her heart too!  And also how she was an encouragment to others.
356.  starting to prepare for the holidays - I love this time of year!
357.  "winter" smelling air freshener - it smells like the holidays
358.  God's provision for our family in many ways
359.  Solon does good with going to his classrooms now - no more tears (See #348)
360.  A great tailgate last weekend and catching up with college friends we rarely see!
361.  Sleep!
362.  Helpful friends and neighbors who watch my kids for appointments and let Cy out
363.  Seeing our neighbors out trick or treating...
364.  making chocolate chip cookies as a family
365.  Solon's imagination....his cars were in major traffic the other day
366.  Vera reading books to herself
367.  The way Solon looks after his sister and his sweet words to her (they love each other most of the time ;)
For nothing is impossible for God
Luke 1:37