Multitude Monday...

327.  The health of my kiddos, I take it for granted but hearing the heartache of another local family in the process of saying good-bye to their 4 year old makes me so so thankful - praying for them.
328.  A special date day with my sweet little dude.  He said it was awesome mom and I melted into a puddle!
329.  My hubby praying for our marriage - he said he has seen others struggling and doesn't want to take our marriage for granted so he has been praying for ours to be strengthened and God has been faithful!
330.  My mother-in-law driving 2 hours each way to watch Vera! 
331.  Beautiful, beautiful weather
332.  Good conversations with my hubby - he always has a listening ear
333.  I am a 3rd of the way to 1000 blessings - love that I can focus on gratitude - my new favorite quote is this "Gratitude turns what we have into enough!"
334.  Slowing our life down and prioritizing what IS important - sometimes it is just being home!
335.  A nice, quiet weekend at home
336.  A hubby that includes Solon on his projects, what better way to teach Solon
338.  Coupons and Gift cards
339.  Anticipating the holidays
340.  A great accupuncture session
341.  The many miracles Jesus performed that the bible documents and putting myself there and the many, many applications for me right now.  NOTHING is impossible for God and keep your focus on Him!
342.  Prayer
343.  Netflix and Hulu - cheap, cheap entertainment at just $8/month - beats cable any day of the week!
344. Inspiration for Solon's 4th birthday party (9 months away) and buying things on clearance - I will give you a hint, I was stoked his football jersey has a #4 on it - Scott just smiled when I told him it was meant to be!
345.  a good workout
346.  phone calls from my dad and him asking about Cy

This is a song we are singing in our next set in November...I love the message - we serve an amazing Father and I am so thankful he holds us close when we need Him most!

Our God is greater
Our God is stronger
God you are higher than any other
Our God is Healer
Awesome in power
Our God, Our God
Our God by Chris Tomlin