Multitude Monday...

307.  Praise that Cy (our puppy) who was quite sick last week is responding well to the medicine and again eating.  We were so worried we might lose her. 
308.  Solon went into his classrooms this week with no tears - HUGE praise!
309.  God answers prayers big and small (reference #307 &#308)
310.  New church wide bible study - helping me to dig deeper into the word daily
311.  Scott getting into a good quiet time routine
312.  A fun park playdate with an old neighbor on a beautiful fall morning
313.  Cousins skyping - love getting to see our sweet Grace and Lance "live"
314.  great devotion time at PEO and MOPS - thanks Lord for your wisdom
315.  new recipes and a hubby who will eat anything and compliment me for it ;)
316.  Solon's growing curiousity about the world around him (we have talked about legs, bones, fins, and the list goes on and on)
317.  finding a new TV show on netflix I love (Hart of Dixie) - I am not a huge TV person but I love that I found something I enjoy with my feet up
318.  My accupuncturist is back from maternity leave and I go this week - you don't know how excited I am - wahoo!!!!!
319.  Staying home - I am so thankful for my job
320.  Vera is officially walking
321.  Baby babbles, smiles, nuzzles and sloppy kisses
322.  My inlaws taking us out to eat after the game
323.  Hubby gave my shoulders a rub - I am a little "tense" lately
324.  Quiet Sundays
325.  a Vacuum - there is just something about a freshly vacuumed home
326.  my new hair do and going wild and curly occasionally (I will probably regret it like spandex in the 80's but it is fun and different!)

I love an awesome God.  He reminds me daily of his goodness.  His love is beyond by my comprehension and his grace is beyond words.  Thank you Lord for all you have abundantly blessed me with.  You are a gracious and merciful God!
What are you thankful for this week?  Don't forget to look up and say thanks!