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Harvest comes to our house...

Wednesday, October 10, 2012
There are many benefits to living next door to a corn field.  The neighbors are really quiet, offer good shelter and privacy, fun to watch grow all summer long, a good place to run in the snow, and of course watch harvest within city limits.  There a few downsides like mice - ew of which we have caught a whole extended family but luckily for me that falls under Scott's job title - phew!  This year harvest happened at about 8pm so not sure what time Solon hit the pillow but it was well past his bedtime.  Can't blame him, it sounds like a train coming by your house several times as they traverse the field.  We even got to see the combine unload (lack of a more technical term) into the tractor....it was a whole lot of corn!  I already miss the privacy screen...

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