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A Little Cyclone Tailgating...

Friday, October 19, 2012
We have not had luck with tailgating this year - whether it be the weather or other unforseen circumstances (but that is our life right now) BUT when we do get to tailgate, we have lots of fun playing kick the can (aka water bottle), fluffing each other with pom poms, dirtying our knees on the asphalt (if you are Vera), eating to our heart's content, and enjoying the marching band and the sunshine.  There is nothing like Cyclone tailgating...

...and a self-portrait in the stands (note Vera in Nana's hands to the right of Scott - we didn't leave her at home, I promise).  Luckily we have lots of willing hands to help with the munchkins...and of course cotton candy helps the "fun" factor too - especially when Grandpa gets it - Solon moves fast!
Go Cyclones!

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