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A Family Trip to the Orchard...

Friday, October 5, 2012
We have a wonderful "orchard" aka family fall fun"ness" just about 20 minutes up the road.  We get season passes so we can get our fun on often...One of the things I couldn't wait to have children for (among many other important things ;) was becoming a big "kid" again.  I love to play with our kiddos and this place is FUN!
Vera loves the jumping pillow - her wide open mouth means she is squawking with delight!  Solon was still recovering from a yucky case of something he picked up from the flu mist (but that is another more annoying story so I will move on) so he was not as excited about this normally favorite attraction.

The giant slide - you all know my love of these.  I took a few turns with Vera who loves them as well before taking a rest from climbing a hill carrying said child which equals a workout...

Fall would not be fall without a hayrack ride, some of my favorite fall memories include this...I would have enjoyed it more if Vera did not try to bail every few seconds.  She didn't get that the hay bales were the only "bails" aloud - we have to work on multiple meaning words ;).
The duck races - this can get kind of heated when my family comes (which coincidently is this weekend)...who doesn't love to pump like there is no tomorrow to get your little ducky to catch a wave to the other end...go ducky go!

Um....yeah...remember I told you I love an excuse to be a kid...I guess I could have just shown you this photo....thank goodness I had the excuse of jumping in "with" Solon but I guess he was already too embarrassed of me to jump in with me!

His turn...

...and Scott's....so graceful as he braces with his forearms...

a hand was lurking below the corn - a favorite game!

...and a little "dinner" for the goats!

....oops Solon's fingers looked tasty...those are not on the menu silly goats!
We are planning another trip this weekend with my family - it should be a little chillier but I am excited that this year I won't be 1 day away from giving birth as I was last year with them.  I love fall and I am keeping my mum alive to boot - that is what $20 will do to me - I have a BIG investment in keeping that puppy alive!

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