Vera's 1st Birthday: Cute as a Button...

Vera's 1st Birthday Theme was "Cute as a Button" - my friend Mandey found a cake much like the one my inlaws made for Vera almost right after Vera was born BUT I loved the theme and a little different...
Her invitations read "Vera Ann is one and cute as a button!"
The food for the 11am party was brunch themed and all "cute as a button" or little!  We had mini doughnuts, doughnut holes, mini cupcakes, mini muffins, veggies, grapes, cheese and crackers, mini quiches, mini savory appetizers, mini zucchini bread loaves and mini yogurts.  There weren't too many leftovers but I think it filled everyone up!  I glued some buttons on some toothpicks and stuck them in the food for more fun decor!

As you can tell the color scheme was mostly pink, yellow and grey with hints of light blue, green and purple.  I fell in love with the pink, yellow and grey in the scrapbook aisle and Michael's....I used the scrapbook paper for the food labels, banners and backdrop for the button V and 1.  I also used a few pieces under the flowers around the house to bring in some color and our theme!
I opted to go with the chinese lanterns since there is a helium shortage and balloons are outrageously expensive, these were cheaper and I can reuse them.  I also made the little scrapbook banner for the window (look close - bummed I didn't get a better short of my hard work)

My mother in law made the cake and my father in law made all the fondant turned out so cute.  I will have cake for years though as this was 3.5 cake mixes worth - whoa!

I made little floral arrangements in a few vases around the house with pink, yellow and white flowers...I was excited to use flowers, not something you get to use for boy parties!  I also made a "V" and "1" out of buttons...The "V" was on the table modge-podged in a frame...not sure what I will do with them now ;)

I had Marty make a matching smash cake and I made a little banner for her high chair...the poor smash cake had like 2 bites out of it - Vera was so not into it...odd, since she is my child!
I also make a photo book for my kiddo's 1st birthdays and have everyone that comes write a little message to them.  The book is full of our favorite first year photos and memories.  A nice little keepsake to keep with their baby book. (which is a work in progress ;)
The favors were "candy buttons" - I was so excited to find them at World Market - wahoo.  Perfect!
I had SO much fun doing all the planning with my lists and to dos but I am glad to take a little down time after it is all said and done...