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The First of Many 29th Birthdays...

Friday, September 7, 2012

I celebrated my first of MANY 29th birthdays in August.  Solon stole the show when he arrived to lunch carrying a bouquet of daisies.  He had every lady swooning from their booth as he walked by in his skinny jeans with a smile that could capture your heart but sorry, he only has eyes for his mama (and lets keep it that way for a long time).  They also got me a yummy chocolate cake and sang to me!  Scott and I are finally going out for my birthday date sans kids tomorrow night!  Wahoo - he planned the whole thing - he kind of got a mulligan (you know a redo - don't ask ;)  He has a whole year to make 30 spectacular!!!  He turns 30 first so I will set the bar (wink, wink!).  Birthdays are such a blessing and I am truly blessed to have God in my life, a great husband and 2 mostly sweet (today has been trying - ha) children, a place to call home  a career that has many more great days than bad ones, great friends and family, and my health ~ I am a lucky blessed lady!

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