Swimming Lessons...a Shakespeare Tragedy...

Oh swimming lessons, swimming lessons...how are thou be?
They are dying....a.slow.painful.death....AH!
Solon does not like love tolerate them and we have a power struggle every.single.time we go.  Last week he did great, this week he cried or rather screamed the entire 30 minutes on the edge of the pool.  I literally wanted to crawl in a hole and never come out.  We are at a VERY difficult point with him discipline wise and boy is he testing us.  Swimming lessons, are not really the issue, it just happens to be effected...which is a real bummer because he loves the water and we REALLY want him to learn how to swim.  I think we might take a break (depending how next week goes) and try again after the next session.  I did snap a shot of him somewhat listening to the teacher...(it was one of those I swore my child will never do that, but he did moments - it happens to all of us folks, every last one of us, so humbling ;)

We will keep you apprised of the situation...until then we bid the pool adieu!