Multitude Monday...

246.  Pumpkin spice latte (YUM!)
247.  honeycrisp apples
248.  the orchard and all the fun they have for families
249.  Crisp mornings that turn into beautiful sunny afternoons
250.  Items on clearance that fit into our budget
251.  my dad's lungs are clear and appointment set for the GI doctor
252.  mom loved bible study
253. answered prayers
254. playdates at the park
255. a clean house (even if it short lived) & crockpot meals
256. free stuff our neighbor's throw away (this week it was a little tykes jungle gym)
257. fresh flowers dropped off by a sweet friend
258. natural remedies
259.  a new spunky haircut and a chance to get away
260.  kiddo kisses and impromptu I love you's
261.  the funny things kids say and the questions they ask
262.  forgiving children....moms are not perfect either :(
263.  a loving husband (for a wife who has been a tad crabby while sick)
264.  healing...we are all getting better
265.  a forgiving God - there are too many mom fails to count

The last couple of weeks have been trying....but God used our sermon this weekend to speak to my heart and remind me that perseverance and patience is what He desires for us.  Not to grumble, complain or wallow....

I heard this one time and I am pretty sure it is true....if we all threw our problems into a pile, we would probably pick ours up over everyone elses'.  It is good to be reminded how blessed we truly are, I am so thankful I am counting my blessings because sometimes you forget to see the forest through the trees.

This is my memory verse this week -

"Ah, sovereign Lord, you have made the heavens and the earth by your great power and outstretched arm, nothing is too hard for you."  Jeremiah 32:17