Multitude Monday...

They say "When it rains, it pours" and it is also said that "God does not give you more than you can handle"...well to say I am holding a lot right now might be an understatement....partially it is my own fault doing DIY in the midst of so much chaos but I think it was my way of trying to control something when so much has been out of my control recently.  Today I am TIRED emotionally and physically...

We had Vera's party this weekend and right before my dad (yes you read that correctly) got very ill.  So much so that we insisted (as good nagging loving women do) he go to urgent care.  Well, he didn't last long there before they kicked him out to go down to Lutheran ER.  Not quite what we were planning on....since the rest of the family and friends were due to arrive momentarily.  My sister went with my dad and my mom (who had just had lymphnode surgery on Thursday) came home to hang out for the party while my dad under went a series of tests. 

Needless to say, my dad spent the night in the hospital with my mom by his side.  He had a bad case of pneumonia and they also found some concerning stuff with his GI track like thickening and expanding of his esophagus and backed up food causing a lump in his upper GI....(he told me to tell all you blogging peeps, he is fine....ahem, I think he has a few more things to take care of but we will agree to disagree **smile!)

We still don't know much and the process is kind of like all things, one step forward, three steps back and a lot of sit tight and wait SO that is what we will do -- wait on God's timing.  He knows the path, He knows the plans, we need to just sit tight and wait for direction....but I won't lie it is exhausting....but I have yet to ask "why us?" because in this life we are all faced with trials and in the midst of the storm there are always unintended blessings SO I am going to find more than a few things to be thankful to God for this week....because we can find joy in all circumstances, now can't we....

226.  We were THERE when my stubborn dad got sick
227.  His white cell count quickly retreated with IV medication proving the medicine was doing the trick
228.  Lots and lots and lots of prayers - they do help
229.  Amazing friends who offered words of encouragement and support throughout this past month
230.  1 year old birthday parties that lighten the mood (and inlaws that made an awesome cake!)
231.  Good nurses and doctors who, even on the weekend, provided some answers and a good course of action for my dad.
232.  My dad's secretary for sharing verses for my mom and dad - can you imagine how brave she had to be to share - but I am so thankful she did, what an encouragement she was to me ;) 
233.  Thankful my dad got sick when he did, he was scheduled to go to China on Sunday
234.  Laughter and jokes - they make things a little lighter
235. Naps and Sleep - my body needs it!
236.  Family that cleaned up the whole party mess for me - THANK YOU is not enough
237.  Pneumonia (you say what?) but finding the pneumonia also found the GI issues that would have otherwise gone undetected
238.  insurance
239.  a little shopping trip with my mom before my dad got sick - so fun to spend a little time with just her
240.  Good news on my mom's surgery - despite doctor's thinking the cancer had spread - it did not - only radiation required - no chemo - that is good news!!!
241.  Good report at Vera's 1 year check - more on that to come in a blog post (I promise I will get caught up ONE of these days when things settle down)
242. Being back in our TITUS bible study at church....there are some naughty women in the bible, hope I can learn from their mistakes....have you heard of Jezebel - naughty, naughty!
243.  God's promises and knowing Him - I would not have survived this last month without my faith and resting in Him most days
244.  Our church and our family's churches that have interceded for us in prayer - my mom's cancer not spreading is an answer to prayer - it works folks!
245.  A reminder that family is so special and each moment we have with them is a gift

Nothing like a trial to pull you closer to God, see the tiny blessings, be reminded of what is important, and be so could always be worse. 

Solon memorized this verse this week and I love it too....

Nothing can seperate us from God's love.  Romans 8:39

Thank goodness that when you ask Jesus into your heart, he never lets you go....I am so thankful, He goes before us and holds our hand even when the trials come.  He never fails us...his love surpasses all understanding and for that I sing His praises!