Multitude Monday: Mom Edition...

My mom is amazing - I don't think I tell her enough.  When you become a mom, you realize JUST how much your mama did for you growing up.  All the things you take for granted - laundry, meals, nose wiping, tush wiping, chatting about things you like to talk about, stories, shopping, picking out prom dresses, wedding dresses, and shaping you into the person you are meant to be.  I so appreciate my mom investing her life into me.  She sacrificed many things and I am so thankful.  I only hope I can be that kind of mom to my kiddos - the kind of selfless one she is!  So in honor of her and all that she is going through this week...I thought I would share 20 things I love and am thankful for about my mama - don't cry mom ;) I get my sensitivity from her **Smile!

206.  Her laugh - you can hear it across the movie theater and house - used to embarrass me but she has a joyful, heartfelt laugh - gotta love it ;)
207.  Her love for her grandkids - she is always asking about them, wanting to know what they are up to, wanting to be with them, do fun activities with, take them places, play games and win giant stuffed animals for them
208.  She is a gift giver - and I have been so blessed by her with this - her love language is giving gifts - wahoo for me - right????  There is not a store she doesn't go into, she doesn't think of all of us FIRST! 
209.  Shopping days - they are further between these days but man we have SO much fun and she can get me to try somehting out of my comfort zone like no one else
210.  She always asks what we want for meals, snacks, etc. when we come for a visit and it is all ready to go when we arrive (so sweet - it is the little things)
211.  She has a SWEET heart - she cares so much for others and their feelings
212.  She loves us more than we know (I know this because I love my kids THAT much)
213.  She wants us to be all that we can be - talks to us about our hopes and dreams, picks us up, dusts us off when we fall, wipes our tears (remember my high school break up mom???) and helps us to move on
214.  She taught us to put others first, have empathy and compassion - something I carry with me today
215.  She taught me to be JOY filled - she bounces through life one happy step at a time - she always has a smile on her face especially when those grandbabies are around
216.  She is a mama bear - don't mess with her cubs (love it - she has got my back)
217.She taught me to sew (even if it took me until my 20's) and cook and entertaining
218.  She likes a good purse as much as I do (and even shares from time to time)
219.  She is flexible and goes with the flow (who wouldn't be after all the moves she has endured)
220.  She has an eye for decorating - did you know odd amounts of objects are better - yep she taught me that
221.  She is a fighter - and I know she will continue to do so until she beats this cancer
222.  She LOVES with her WHOLE heart - it is all about her family all the time
223.  She wears her heart on her sleeve - I know her so well - she can't get much past me ;)
224.  She makes me laugh - she has a great sense of humor
225.  We have so much fun together, make cherished memories traveling together....never really run out of things to talk about and the list goes on and on....

My mom is a champ....she goes in for some more tests this week for her cancer and all she can think about is coming to our house to see her grandbabies.  That is what it is all about folks. Family and God.  I pray for my mom's strength in this storm.  I am comforted in a few things....

1.  God goes before us and knows the road we are on
2.  He loves us so much and He never leaves us on our own
3.  If we know Him and have Him in our heart we have eternity!

I love you mom - go get'em this week - show cancer who is boss!  You are a beautiful woman inside and out.  God made you - just perfectly you.  I love you so much - I hit the parent jackpot!