Multitude Labor Day Monday...

186.  3 Day weekends spent at home as a family
187.  Lots and lots of help from my inlaws Marty and Dale while we painted our cabinets
188.  The love my kiddos have for their grandparents - they love them SOOOO much!
189.  My mother-in-laws yummy goodies she brought including Scratch cupcakes (especially thankful since my kitchen is semi-out of order)
190.  My go with the flow husband who lets me repaint cabinets, do some DIY art, decide to repaint 75% of the house, etc. etc. etc.
191.  running errands all by myself
192. My new devotional "Jesus Calling" (thanks Mandey for my birthday gift)
193.  being able to lead worship and sing at church - I am very insecure about my voice but I LOVE to be able to lead worship!!!
194.  Compliments - we all need encouragement
195.  Bedtime routines with the kiddos - some of my favorite moments come from those bedtime snuggles and talks
196.  Random I love you moms and kisses - MELTS MY HEART!!!!
197.  Solon's Humor - he does the funnies things and makes the funniest faces these days
198.  Having our neighbors over for smores and letting our kiddos play together in the backyard
199.  SMORES and campfires
200.  Crockpots
201.  TJ Maxx
202.  Dance parties in our family room to "Call Me Maybe" and One Direction
203.  Watching our baby girl cheer on the Cyclones
204.  Enjoying a Cyclone victory with 55,000 other fans
205.  Euculyptus oil - helps my stuffy nose

....Thank you God for all you have done for me, there is no amount of works, deeds, or offerings I can give to you to thank you for all you have done for me.  I will continue to praise your name and give all praise and honor to you!