August Nana & Papa Camp...

Scott's parents really wanted Solon to come solo to their house for "Nana & Papa Camp".  We asked Solon and he was a little nervous at first but we talked to him about it and all the fun he was going to have and by the time I took him to Ellsworth to meet them for lunch and make the exchange, he was out the door and barely said good-bye to me (I almost cried....go figure!).  He had reason to be excited....all the photo evidence, leads me to believe, they did non-stop fun for the total 40 hours he was gone.  My mother-in-law even said he went to bed at 8pm (and was out FAST) and they had to wake him up the next morning about 8:30AM!
They went to the Cattle Congress Petting zoo..this photo is SO Solon...chatting with the animals and getting as CLOSE as possible!
Off they went to an Antique Tractor Show....they got to test out some "non-mobile" ones and some moving ones...
The tractor above was a steam tractor complete with a loud train-like whistle...
Papa even got to drive this red tractor around the proverbial block so to speak...he is a farm boy so he knew what he was doing, I am not sure they would have let this city girl try it out (but little do they know I have driven a combine - remember - ah yes I do, that was fun!)
...and the riding mower is fun too and so is Papa's vroom-vroom convertible!  Especially when you rock out to some good tunes as you drive around the neighborhood!

...and they went fishing.  I asked Solon if they caught anything and he replied, "YES....some weeds".  Sounds successful to me!
They also took him to Hickory Park on the way back to our house....he had so much fun and was exhausted when he got home.  He went right to bed because the next day Papa and Nana took us all to the state fair!  (Thanks for bearing with me - I am getting caught up on blog posts I promise!!!!)
I am not sure who had more fun or who was more tired but I think this is an annual event - one of these days Vera will be invited too!!!