A Year in the life of Vera Ann...

I am going to attempt to not cry (it is really hard - I have already a few times) but my baby girl is one today.  She is all I ever asked God for in a daughter.  She is the perfect addition to our family.  Her little personality lights up the room and she can make anyone smile with her 2 toothy grin.  She is happy 99% of the time and is so busy.  She loves life and we think she is just about as perfect as perfect can be! We love you Vera Ann.  We can't wait to see all God has planned for you - but we know you will do mighty things for Him with your sweet, sweet disposition.  We love you always and forever!
Vera Ann Port
7 lbs. 3 oz
 9-12-11 5:30 PM



Happy 1st Birthday Vera!