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A Trip to the Zoo...

Saturday, September 29, 2012
Some of our good friends are moving to Adel by way of Winterset (while their house is being finished) so a natural meeting point is at the zoo on the south side of Des Moines.  We always love hanging out with them...
The kiddos especially loved the seals exhibit with the under water window.  The little seal was really interested in us and kept sneaking up on us - one time Shadd, one of our little friends, was so startled, he ended up in my lap!  The seal then proceeded to follow my finger around in circles on the glass...It was SO cool.  The kiddos LOVED it!
Getting up close and personal with the kiddos...and Solon is squelching with joy at this point.
We of course had to ride the train and the 3 older kiddos rode together while us mamas and the 2 babies rode together.
Bathroom break...so Solon hopped in their stroller to keep baby Sage company!
Checking out the tigers jeep....sorry tigers you get shown up by this jeep every single time...
We ended the morning with a nice picnic and running around in circles (for the kiddos not us - surprisingly enough) before heading home and napping (I think for all of us that day ;)

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