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The Zoo...

Monday, August 6, 2012
It has been such a hot summer (I know we all know that - duh!) but that means we have not been to the zoo in FOREVER...way too hot...

Finally, it was "normal" hot a couple of Saturdays okay so we headed out early and enjoyed the morning at the zoo!

They are doing construction on the African exhibit (which is exciting because they will be adding more animals including a rhino :) but that means the giraffes are only out on the weekend.  We hadn't seen them all summer...They are one of Solon's favorites (and if truth be known mine too - they are SO cool).  This guy behind us was eating so he was right there and we could see his blue tongue ;).
Vera's first time checking out DSM's very own giraffes!
...we toodled around and saw all the other animals but I think the highlights of the zoo for Solon include riding the train (from the moment we park, he starts asking to ride ;) and he also loves the new carousel.  We ride once at the beginning and once at the end of our trip since it is right by the entrance.

The zoo has really come along way in the few short years we have been.  They do a lot of special programming and this Saturday was the beginning of the Olympics.  SO they had all these little events the kiddos could do to earn a medal.
Couldn't take his eyes off of his "golden" treasure...
We ended the day with a picnic by the park outside of the zoo...Solon was so relaxed, he ate laying down...

It was a fun way to spend the morning as a family!
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