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Spot the Thrift Store purchase....

Thursday, August 30, 2012

So I had not been thrifting before at our local Goodwill and Salvation Army but I keep reading on some of the blogs I follow like here and I thought, yes I might find nothing but what have I got to lose.  I was pleasantly surprised at all the "finds" if you just have a little imagination ;).  I ended up with 2 items above - the little turkey figurine (at a steal for 39 cents) and the maroonish textured sphere ($1.29).  I had ideas of painting them both say a bright acid green for the turkey as surprise and pop of color and the sphere a color for our bedroom but on another blog, they gave the advice to give it a temporary home and live with it before making any permanent changes SO there they sit and I kind of like where they landed for now.  Even if the little sphere never made it upstairs.  I also found a brand new Adidas workout tank for $1.69 and a C9 (target brand) brand spankin'new, likeneverwashednopilling zipped hoodie.  I washed them both up and enjoyed them working out on Monday (a thrift store workout shirt surely improved my calorie count ;).  I am already planning some more trips to surrounding stores but I am currently working on painting our kitchen cabinets so I better stay on task for now, especially since my inlaws graciously offered to come help with the kids because you all know how helpful Vera would like to be **wink, wink!  Don't worry I will blog all about it!
What have you found thrifting?  Does it get you all excited like me?

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