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Solon's 3rd Year Milestones...

Thursday, August 9, 2012

At Age 3, This is what Solon is up to....
  • Knows his first and last name and is able to spell and write his first name
  • Recognizes 11/26 letters
  • Can count to 20 except forgets numbers 14 and 15
  • Can point and count a set amount of objects
  • Knows his colors
  • Knows the shapes triangle, square, circle, heart, and star
  • Can recite well known books
  • Loves to sing songs and repeat nursery rhymes
  • Loves to dance and shake his booty
  • Can throw a ball (his spiral is impecable :)
  • Likes to ride his scooter
  • Still working on riding a bike/trike
  • Loves to swing and play in his sandbox
  • Can independently build train tracks but still prefers we help him
  • Has an imagination and loves to use it when playing with trains and cars
  • Likes to be with his friends when ever he can
  • Will play by himself and likes to go to the basement
  • Can sing the ABC's
  • Love string cheese, fruit, apple juice, chocolate milk, oreos, ice cream, goldfish, fruit snacks, Subway, mexican food, lasagna, and gatorade
  • If he dislikes something he will gag profusely
  • Potty trained MOST days ;)
  • Still wears a diaper over night
  • Sleeps from 8:15pm - 7:45am
  • Takes an afternoon nap from 1:45pm-4:15pm
  • Has special activity time with just mommy for a half hour to work on "school" stuff
  • Can open and close doors
  • Has a few chores: bring dishes over from table, put laundry in the hamper, brushing his teeth, and throw his own trash in the can, help set the table
  • Helps with Cy by giving her treats before leaving and help give her food
  • Loves to swim, will put his face under the water and dive for the rings
  • Loves to "remember" past events and say "remember when...." - great memory
  • Help Vera
  • Wears mostly 3T on top and 2T on bottom and wears size 8 shoe
  • Likes to play with shaving cream, play doh, cook, color, play with stamps, watch you tube videos, listen to music, dance....
  • Loves to wrestle and tackle with daddy
  • Has a soft heart and can be sensitive
  • A bruiser, doesn't cry too much when he falls - if he cries you know it hurt :(
  • Still loves tractors, trains, and cars
  • Loves bubbles
  • Weighs about 33 lbs.
  • Has a Jekyl and Hyde personality - most times is happy as a clam but can have a temper and get crabby if he is hungry or tired
  • Likes to get HIS way - who doesn't - HA!
  • Loves his family and is always giving kisses and hugs and saying kind words

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  1. What an awesome summary of such a sweet boy! Can't believe you can remember all that! Impressive my friend!


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