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Our First Abrasion....

Wednesday, August 1, 2012
The other night we got the call while on date night with friends that Solon had been hit with a metal baseball bat.  Did I freak out....nah....why you ask...because Solon is a bruiser, a boy and I knew this day was inevitable.  We asked the sitter to send us a picture text and sure enough we knew we had to take him to Urgent Care (thankfully it was still open for 45 more minutes).  When we arrived, the mass amount of blood helped us get ushered back pretty quickly to the procedure room where 2 SWEET nurses attentively cared for Solon, who by the way, was HAPPY as a clam - go figure!
The doctor came in not 5 minutes later and looked at it, nodded his head and said 5 years ago they would have had to stitch it up but now they can use "super" glue (that is not what it is called but what it is ;).  Solon sat perfectly still, didn't shed one single tear (well initially after the hit but not once we came to get him from the babysitter).  He was crazy calm which helped his mama.  I prayed so hard, I could be as brave as him and we all survived - Praise God!  They cleaned him up, glued it shut, sent us to the treasure chest and we were out within 30 minutes - NICE!
All cleaned up....
In celebration of his great attitude, we made a trip to Sonic for shakes since we had to keep him up late to make sure he didn't have a concussion.  Alas, a few episodes of Wonder Pets and he was out like a light - no worries of concussions!
Happy Little Buddy...

Glad we got the first one under our belt and we all did it so bravely.  The scab/glue is starting to come off and there is a nice line left so we will be using Mederma for the next 6 months to hopefully prevent any scarring.  The swelling went down the next day and he never got a black eye which the doctor thought he would.  It is amazing how God made our bodies to heal themselves, and kiddos heal SO fast.  We are so blessed he is okay and he handled it like a champ!

Lately when he has worn his patch, I can only imagine what people must think....the poor kid with one patched eye and the other with a big gash...
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  1. Now he will look like a tough cookie with his scar. Scars=Tough in my book. Brave little guy!


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