Multitude Monday....

Note this was going to post on Monday but in respect for my mom sharing with all of our family, I waited.  Since this post, my mom has gotten additional news that the cancer has not spread from her rightside to her left. An answer to prayer...we will continue to pray that they get ALL of the tumor next Thursday during her lumpectomy - thanks in advance for your prayers.  We know they work!

Since I wrote last we had a whirlwind week at the lake.  My cousins from Texas had planned on coming up for the week so the kids and I planned to join them.  What we didn't expect was my mom found out she has breast cancer and my Grandma Wetherbee being rushed to the ER and being placed in a medical coma on a ventilator due to pneumonia.  BUT God is good all the time and there were so many things to be thankful during the proverbial "Storm" that without further a do I will share what I am thankful for this week....

141.  Just 24 hours after being in a medically-induced coma and on a ventilator, my Grandma was released from ICU to go home.  Miracles happen everyday folks...this is one of them! Praise Him for answered prayers.
142.  Mammograms - they provide early detection of breast cancer and because of that, my mom's cancer is not only treatable, it is also most likely curable.
143.  Great Doctors with great wisdom and bedside manner
144.  Supportive friends and family who prayed and provided loving and kind words
145.  My kiddos who provide humor and smiles despite everything else
146.  My grandparent's unfailing love and devotion for one another - it is so sweet and inspiring!
147.  My TX cousins who LOVED on my children NON-stop - my kiddos ADORE them!
148.  Solon's first "adult-like" tube ride - we all survived and he couldn't stop giggling with glee
149.  Ice cream dates with my family while we get gas at the local marina
150.  Early morning views of the lake
151.  Pancakes made on the fire and eating outdoors
152.  Hugs - they seem to make everything better
153.  God's peace which transcends all understanding (Philippians 4:5-7)
154.  Answered Prayers
155.  Tearing up when Solon met one of the Wonder Pets characters on his birthday at the Mall of America - it was AWESOME and so special - I couldn't have planned it better if I tried ;)
156.  Solon turned 3 - he is healthy and he is SO special to us!
157.  Safety on the roads - it is so easy to take for granted but I am SO thankful for God's provision
158.  Coming home to my amazing husband - I really missed him while we were away
159.  Scott running all my birthday party errands since we got delayed in MN - and he cleaned ;)
160.  Having such generous and loving friends help us celebrate our little guy's birthday!
161.  Singing on praise team this weekend - nothing like leading worship for our loving Father!
162.  A great message by our pastor on thinking of others....
163.  The beautiful cooler weather
164.  Watching Solon FREAK out when he opened his special wonder pets presents ;)
165.  a great Mickey mouse family party at the lake for Solon - thanks mom - it was great!
It is easy in the storm to get the "woe is me" attitude but it can always be worse and God NEVER lets us go....even when the storm seems to bad to pass through, God is always there to lead us through.  I am thankful to know Him and love him.....God is good all the time, nothing is a surprise to him and he always goes before us.  That is a comforting thought!  How do I thank Him giving my life to Him and sharing His good news with others....

Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God—this is your true and proper worship.
Romans 12:1 NIV