Little Miss is 11 Months Old...

How can this be my LAST post before my darling, sweet, vivacacious, wild, BUSY little lady is ONE?  I have to admit, I am slow to put this up for a variety of reasons but mostly because I am in SERIOUS denial that my lady is growing up SO fast.  Here is what she is up to this month!

She finally has 2 front bottom teeth...she had no teeth and then boom 2 came in at almost the exact time....she is crabby again SO I think the same is going to happen on top, because she is pretty swollen :(

This is so her - busy, marches to her own drum and is opinionated ;)  Doesn't want the sticker on, by goodness, she will take the sticker off and wave it in triumph...yep that is what is happening in that picture ;)
Round #150 of her taking the sticker off - I gave up...atleast she was sitting still and smiling - I will take it ;)

This is what Little Miss Vera is up to in Month 11:

We love her spitfire, adventurous, percocious personality.  Her big brother helps to shepherd her and keep her out of trouble MUCH to her dismay.  She is a lovey and likes to cuddle with me at each feeding and we snuggle extra long at bed each night (It is allowed they grow up TOO fast).  It is fun to see her little personality shine and of course we couldn't love her ANY bit more if we tried....better start planning her very special first birthday!!!!