Camping...Test Run...

We brought home a tent from the lake because Solon's original 3rd birthday party theme was "Camp I wannabe3" BUT he had other ideas and alas that is another story for another post....

Since we had the tent, we decided it would be good to test out camping at home.  Scott also got a fire pit for father's day so we planned roasting hot dogs and marshmallows for our meal....and notice the wet concrete, it has not rained all summer and it rained that night. Scott quickly improvised by putting up the sun umbrella so we could quickly roast our hot dogs.  The rain soon got worse and we "roasted" the marshmallows on high in the microwave.  They still were ooeey gooey goodness!

After our picnic dinner on the living room floor, Scott with LOTS of help assembled the basic tent.  Vera was all over it...see her in teh picture?

Then there was some serious play time...we have discovered it actually serves as a great play pen for Vera.  She is highly entertained in there with Solon...and stays out of trouble!

...Soon it was time for the lady folk to let the men folk do their camping thing...bedtime stories by flashlight and goodnight kisses!

Someone is REALLY tall...we might have to invest in a bigger tent if we decide to do this for "real".  I am SHOCKED but the boys fell asleep around 10:30 and made it all night until the next morning at about 6:45.  Solon was a "tad" crabby from a shorter night sleep but overall our first camping "trip" was a success!

We had the tent up again this weekend but just to play in, we are all sleeping in our bed tonight!