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August Lazy Lake Days...

Thursday, August 23, 2012
So I know the lake pictures look the same to you each and every time I post but to me, they don't get old...there is JUST something about the lake.  Thank God for his beauty - I appreciate the art he made in this lake.  My cousins from TX came up and we have a long loving history....I would fly to pick them up when they were a wee bit older than my kids...imagine the stares -- me about 19 with 2 kiddos....but it was worth it and we developed a VERY special bond.  It is SO sweet to watch them with my kiddos now.  Their mama would be SO proud of the kiddos young adults they have become, I love them to pieces and think they are pretty amazing - as you can see below, my kids are pretty smitten too.  I barely lifted a "mom" finger all week except for #2 duty and nursing of course!
Auntie Ellen, Vera, and Madelynne - Madelynne has the same middle name as Vera and Bailey happens to share the name Robert with Solon ;)
A lake sunset!
Bailey played golf over, and over, and over again with Solon - he earned his keep!
So sweet....
We invented a new game "Jumping on the tubes"  I had to join in on the action, you are never too old to have fun...good thing I didn't brake my tail bone though ;)
Um can we talk about that tush....seriously?!?!
Grandpa and V....
Best Buds....

Thanks for coming to MN Madelynne and Bailey, the older you get the more you have at home but we certainly appreciate you choosing to spend time with us.  We all love it!  Thank you!
**Side note I apologize for the lack of regular updates - It is on my to do list to get ahead, just hasn't happened yet ;)

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