Smoothie Drinker...

This little kiddo LOVES mommy's smoothies, the other little tyke - not so much!  I make one each morning for Scott and I.  I started out making them to get more protein in my diet for nursing but I have fallen in love with them...I have one each morning for breakfast...boy they have really helped us to slim down (unintended positive :) and help us start our day off right!

Mama Port's Smoothie Recipe
6 oz of flavored greek yogurt (I use yoplait blueberry, honey or strawberry)
I use the rinsed yogurt container to scoop in that many blueberries and strawberries
1 whole banana
3 ice cubes
1 tsp flax seed
1 6 oz cup of water
**makes about 2 - 12 oz glasses (although I get 2/3 and Scott gets 1/3 with his cereal :)

Put in blender and voila - a delicious and nutricious breakfast!