Our Early Morning...

You never imagine that someone will come to your home with the intention of causing malice or harm...you never think your house will be the scene of a crime (even as small as it is...).  You think you live in a nice, suburban community with little to no crime, it would never be YOU.  That is until it happens....your fears become a reality and in the moment, God provides the path to get you through....

We have gotten, "That must have been really scary" and to be honest in the moment, there was no time to be "scared" but more than anything, react. 

I had just finished nursing Vera who had a major blowout in the middle of the night (which has NEVER happened before), layed her down to sleep and went back to lay down myself.  That's when I saw the car lights, saw them shut off in the reflection on our ceiling, heard the car door, and I hopped out of bed.  I saw the car, a 1990's black chevy blazer parked in my driveway and a kid run across our front yard.  At that point, I yelled, "Scott there is someone in our yard" and stay paralyzed in front of the window as Scott hopped out of the bed, joining me at the window.  Next thing I knew Scott was clumsily running downstairs.  By this point the car had backed out of the driveway, the kid had returned to the car (only later did we realize he returned with his first load of our stuff) and then head back for our porch.  He was attempting to remove our window frame with our name on it with no avail as Scott flipped on the outdoor lights.  The car started to speed away with the one guy in hooded sweatshirt running to hop in.  Scott, thankfully, had the sense in that moment to leave the door closed and thankfully we check every night to make sure the doors are locked.  We have no idea if they attempted to enter through the door or basement window...

We are not sure what would of/could have transpired (our minds have gone there though) had Vera not woken up at that odd hour in the night.  My only explanation, GOD.  He took care of us, he provided us such safety in the midst of something that could have gone much worse.

We called the police to report the crime and gave our report...I am sure the items they took will end up on Craig's list or some pawn shop...our ISU garden rock and my door decoration.

I have gone through so many emotions....


are just a few....

But by this point about 12 hours later, I am mostly thankful to God for His protection over us.  You never think it will be your house, your family....but last night it was and I am thankful God's promises are true and that in the fire, He will walk you through.  Things are things, I am not upset they are gone...I can live without them, I am more sad at the loss of security I feel, the thought that someone has taken that feeling of "sanctuary" from our home but I know with time and prayer God will restore that too.

As for the people that did this, I spent today forgiving them.  All I feel now is sadness for them.  I know God will vindicate the situation, His plan is perfect.  He will take care of it and from here, there is nothing more we can do.  Maybe the police will catch them, maybe they won't but God will take care of it...

Counting our blessings today....and thanking God for the outpouring of love and prayers.  We are so incredibly blessed - thank you.