My 1st Phone Dump...

I joined this decade and got a smart I am joining the blogging world with my 1st phone dump...I know you are so excited!  A little of this and that from our month of July!
Our little lady learned how to do the stairs at Nana and Papa's house while we were on vacation at the beginning of July!  Who doesn't love a naked baby....
Up bright and early on vacation...someone forgot to tell her you sleep in on vacation!
The dishwasher was so enticing...
Solon was a rockstar at swimming lessons...he was jumping in by himself, diving for rings, working on his swim strokes and is just a fish...he is ready to be a good swimmer like his cousins ;)
One of his favorites at the DSM Farmer's Market...the tractor barrel train!
Being silly on the 1 step they have access to....who knew it could be so fun!  Where are both their pants...apparently they are optional around here????
Gotta love the head hold on Vera....but they LOVE each other and love to wrestle and Vera holds her own!
So I went to Buy Buy Baby for the 1st time - that place is AWESOME and has my new "must have" for baby #3 (no I am not prego!)....the Momaroo?  Have you heard of it, it is supposed to be the bassinet, swing, and vibration chair in one - it should be for the price tag but I WANT it!!!  It is supposed to put the fussiest of fussy babies to sleep - yes please!
...and Buy Buy Baby had us at the min-cart for little shoppers.  Solon found A LOT of must haves to place in his cart.  They had some good things for his birthday which I sneakily purchased.  We also tested out the new car seat...still deciding between the 2 options though ;)
A trip to the zoo and a little carousel ride...we ride free since both kiddos are 2 and under!  Cheap entertainment...who goes to the zoo to see animals - apparently not us!

So there you have it - a little of this and that.  I love, love, love having the camera on my phone that I can upload and save and has decent quality.  I take so many random photos now! Wahoo!  I also have a couple of videos I will share soon!