Multitude Monday:Vacation Edition...

61.  Getting to spend some much needed vacation time away with some very loved family members
62.  Splashing in the pool with my babes
63.  iced coffee recipe from a friend - yum
64.  bakery sheet cake - my favorite
65.  the wind in my hair on a nice boat ride
66.  Getting up on a slalom ski after a year hiatus (due to pregnancy)
67.  giggling with my Aunt Chris on a crazy, fun tube ride
68.  the thrill of the inverted tube slide and conquering my fear
69.  watching the pure joy of Solon on the many slides at the Dells
70.  playing Islands of Catan with my family and winning (I was the dark horse!)
71.  spending everyday in a swimming suit with no need for make-up or a hair dryer
72.  laying in a tube for hours chatting with my family about a little of this and a little of that
73.  celebrating the 4th of July watching fireworks on the lake (the best place to see them in my opinion) with some of my favorite people
74.  our freedom and the ability to praise our God freely in this country
75.  12 days with Scott - we love to spend time with him!
76.  lots of hands to help with kiddo duties :) THANK YOU!
77.  time to catch up with family, laugh, eat, eat some more  and make memories
78.  the cooler temps....the cool breeze
79.  safety as we traveled
80.  good strong hugs

God is good and we are blessed to be able to spend some special time with friends, family and each other.  There is SO much more I am thankful for but may God bless our country, our Men in Uniform, and our leaders...we are blessed to call the USA home!