Multitude Monday...

121.  God's protection over us last week with the "unwelcomed guests"
122.  God's provision over Solon's eye - it is almost healed ;)
123.  Solon's weak eye is growing stronger and visibly opening up more
124.  Vera is eating table food like a champ and drinking out of a sippy cup too
125.  Babby giggles as you play chase around the house
126.  Solon singing and mixing up the words just like his mama
127.  Entertaining in our home...
128.  The excitement of the zoo train and carousel and thankful 2 and under are free ;)
129.  Iowa sweet corn
130. RAIN!
131.  The Olympics - how cool is it to see our world come together for fun!
132.  Camping in the living room
133.  Roasting weenies under umbrellas over the open flame
134.  holding my sweet baby girl - the days are becoming numbered that I will be nursing (VERY SAD for that special time to be over)
135.  Great sermon that spoke to my heart - controling our tongue...
136.  Daylight Donuts...and our praise team Sunday tradition of going between services as a family
137.  Playing in the backyard
138.  Solon playing all by himself and listening to his imagination and his conversations
139.  Birthday party planning....
140.  Buying birthday gifts that I know Solon will go BANANAS over!

And my tongue shall speak of your righteousness and of your praise all the day long
Psalm 35:28