Multitude Monday...

101.  Doctors with super glue that can help God to heal our little guy's "boo-boo"
102.  watching our kiddos light up when they see each other
103.  Vera is still nursing (yay for my milk not drying up like last time)
104.  going to the farmer's market for breakfast as a family
105.  Watching my son get SO excited to ride the little tractor train at the market
106.  How fast God is healing Solon's face, it is AMAZING! (how He created our bodies to heal blows my mind)
107.  God's will being revealed for our community group
108.  My Titus girls and all that we have to look forward to this fall
109.  weekends
110.  a great church family
111.  meal planning for 2 weeks is getting easier and easier
112.  my husband who puts the kiddos to bed so I can watch a season finale of a favorite show ;)
113.  dishwasher (we go through lots of dishes)
114.  sweet corn and farm fresh watermelon from the local farmstand
115.  snuggling with my guy before nap time
116.  sitting on the couch with my feet up after the kiddo's go to bed
117.  a chance to play outside in the backyard pool
118.  planning my kiddo's birthday parties
119.  microwave smores as a family
120. a date night to the home show with good friends

Now, our God, we give you thanks, and praise your glorious name.
1 Chronicles 29:13 **an excerpt from David's prayer