Multitude Monday

81.  Full nights of sleep, it only took 10 months but we have arrived :)!
82.  The way Solon stands, he will cross his leg, with his arm swung over you...cracks me up!
83.  Scott coming home for lunch most days
84.  A great babysitter....I call her the baby whisperer, my kiddos adore her and I trust her completely
85.  help in the nursery - thanks fellow mamas for seeing a girl in need (6 babies and me - AH!)
86.  air-conditioning
87.  to go mugs - what would I do without coffee to go
88.  naps
89.  a hubby who helps around the house
90.  a good talk with my hubby about our life's goals
91.  the top down (on the car :) on a warm summer evening
92.  date night even if it is just to a wedding
93.  falling to sleep quickly every night in a comfy bed
94.  free intenational text messaging - thank you apple
95.  the concept of kids eat free at restaurants and helpful wait staff
96.  a sleeping baby in my arm
97.  unexpected little boy kisses
98.  bathtime babies
99.  photos that help keep memories alive
100.  a "thank you mommy" without prompting - showing that the training is paying off ;)

God surrounds us with little blessings all the time to remind us he is always there, Thank you Lord for all you do for us, it is much more than we deserve....