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Farewell Sandersons....we will miss you...

Wednesday, July 25, 2012
 Our good friends, The Sanderson's are moving away.  Remember, it is like a mass exodus (that might be a tad over the top) but in all seriousness, we have had 4 families in our church tell us they are moving in the last few months - so sad!  The Sanderson's are like family.  We have grown so much together in our community group, brought home our babies together, and delved into parenthood, supporting each other along the way!  We will miss them so much...but luckily for us they are just going to be 45 minutes south of my parents in MN so we hope to visit them occasionally when we are up that way....Craig already started work in Mankato and Sarah and the kids will join him as soon as their house sells...we hope for their sake, that is sooner than later but until then we are making the most of our time with them!!!  We had a little party in their honor...who doesn't love a potluck?
Solon and his kool-aid lip sweater and borrowed swim trunks...which mom forgets a swimsuit at a backyard swimming party - his mom....

Hanging out and chatting...
The guest of honor...Craig, Andie, Sarah (Caleb cashed in her arms) and Isaac
...and the mommies and the hundreds of kiddos
(okay not hundreds...but you get my point :)

We love you Sanderson Family - you have blessed us with your friendship, helped us to grow in Christ, and we are forever greatful for your investment in our lives and the many memories we will always hold dear!
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