Diving boards, birdday cakes, convertable rides, oh my!...

We had another full day on Saturday, while we were in Cedar Falls with Scott's family.  In the morning, we had pictures.  I am not sure I am able to explain how absolutely....er....dreadful those were....an ornary 2 year old and sick 9 month old....let's just say....everyone survived barely....I hope for my mom-in-law's sake, there is atleast 1 salvageable photo...the photographer thought he could photoshop my kiddos heads into any photo...yes...told you it was that bad!  The photographer was perspiring, maybe from the immense heat or from the constant coaxing he was doing...anyway he earned his keep that day and I earned a 2nd coat of deoderent!  After we all recovered from that, the kiddos took naps (much needed ;) and then we headed to Scott's parents best friend's neighborhood pool....it was so much fun since all the cousins are such water bugs and well us parents are not shy of the water either ;)
Someone is happy and the other one is not :)  She was not happy on vacation unless I was holding her (she is in that stranger danger phase big and bad!)
Jumpin' for the camera....go Lance and Josh!
okay so EVERYONE (mostly female) is going to kill me for posting this photo but I wanted to show the other end of the pool ;)
More jumpin...
...yep and in full disclosure there is me with my white thighs JUMPIN' in....so see no one can hide from the camera!  Not sure who took this but thank you, thank you very much!
After swimming, we had a little "bird-day" party for Lance's 5th birthday!

What a hoot (are there owls in Angry birds...ah never mind!)
...and as far as the birthday entertainment....how about a ride in Papa's new retirement-mobile!
Looks like they had fun jamming out to the Beach Boys around the neighborhood :)

Everyone went to bed quickly that night....next up the Wisconsin Dells!