4th of July....the most wonderful time of the year...

I am pretty sure I have mentioned (like every year) that the 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays of the year....more than my birthday and right up there with Christmas.  I have spent the last 16 4th of July's on the lakes of Minnesota and to be honest, I would be happy to do that for the next 50!  There is no better way to celebrate all that is good about America with hundreds of other boaters on the open waters, the wind blowing in your hair,  and hanging out with some of your favorite people!  This year my parents invited the Malin's and their friends the Bohlson's to join us in return of the Malin's generous hospitality while my parents visited Australia.  The Malin's were staying with their freinds in Minneapolis about 45 minutes away and we couldn't think of a better way for them to see the fireworks, then with us.  It worked out great.  They came over for an afternoon of floating, tubing, jet skiing and relaxing before a yummy all-American meal and fireworks on the water...
Thankfully our sweet neighbors loaned us an old boat so all 19 of us could go out together!
Auntie Raquel and Vera...look how patriotic they are together...all that red, white and blue goodness!
Boat #1
Boat #2

 I think the Malin's enjoyed it (their last 4th of July fireworks were in DC so we were nervous that this would not compare)!  We were glad we could return the hospitatlity they showed to us and introduce all of them to a lake-style 4th of July!  We sent them home tired....we call that a success!