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My 1st Phone Dump...

Tuesday, July 31, 2012
I joined this decade and got a smart I am joining the blogging world with my 1st phone dump...I know you are so excited!  A little of this and that from our month of July!
Our little lady learned how to do the stairs at Nana and Papa's house while we were on vacation at the beginning of July!  Who doesn't love a naked baby....
Up bright and early on vacation...someone forgot to tell her you sleep in on vacation!
The dishwasher was so enticing...
Solon was a rockstar at swimming lessons...he was jumping in by himself, diving for rings, working on his swim strokes and is just a fish...he is ready to be a good swimmer like his cousins ;)
One of his favorites at the DSM Farmer's Market...the tractor barrel train!
Being silly on the 1 step they have access to....who knew it could be so fun!  Where are both their pants...apparently they are optional around here????
Gotta love the head hold on Vera....but they LOVE each other and love to wrestle and Vera holds her own!
So I went to Buy Buy Baby for the 1st time - that place is AWESOME and has my new "must have" for baby #3 (no I am not prego!)....the Momaroo?  Have you heard of it, it is supposed to be the bassinet, swing, and vibration chair in one - it should be for the price tag but I WANT it!!!  It is supposed to put the fussiest of fussy babies to sleep - yes please!
...and Buy Buy Baby had us at the min-cart for little shoppers.  Solon found A LOT of must haves to place in his cart.  They had some good things for his birthday which I sneakily purchased.  We also tested out the new car seat...still deciding between the 2 options though ;)
A trip to the zoo and a little carousel ride...we ride free since both kiddos are 2 and under!  Cheap entertainment...who goes to the zoo to see animals - apparently not us!

So there you have it - a little of this and that.  I love, love, love having the camera on my phone that I can upload and save and has decent quality.  I take so many random photos now! Wahoo!  I also have a couple of videos I will share soon!

Multitude Monday...

Monday, July 30, 2012
121.  God's protection over us last week with the "unwelcomed guests"
122.  God's provision over Solon's eye - it is almost healed ;)
123.  Solon's weak eye is growing stronger and visibly opening up more
124.  Vera is eating table food like a champ and drinking out of a sippy cup too
125.  Babby giggles as you play chase around the house
126.  Solon singing and mixing up the words just like his mama
127.  Entertaining in our home...
128.  The excitement of the zoo train and carousel and thankful 2 and under are free ;)
129.  Iowa sweet corn
130. RAIN!
131.  The Olympics - how cool is it to see our world come together for fun!
132.  Camping in the living room
133.  Roasting weenies under umbrellas over the open flame
134.  holding my sweet baby girl - the days are becoming numbered that I will be nursing (VERY SAD for that special time to be over)
135.  Great sermon that spoke to my heart - controling our tongue...
136.  Daylight Donuts...and our praise team Sunday tradition of going between services as a family
137.  Playing in the backyard
138.  Solon playing all by himself and listening to his imagination and his conversations
139.  Birthday party planning....
140.  Buying birthday gifts that I know Solon will go BANANAS over!

And my tongue shall speak of your righteousness and of your praise all the day long
Psalm 35:28

Our Early Morning...

Thursday, July 26, 2012
You never imagine that someone will come to your home with the intention of causing malice or never think your house will be the scene of a crime (even as small as it is...).  You think you live in a nice, suburban community with little to no crime, it would never be YOU.  That is until it happens....your fears become a reality and in the moment, God provides the path to get you through....

We have gotten, "That must have been really scary" and to be honest in the moment, there was no time to be "scared" but more than anything, react. 

I had just finished nursing Vera who had a major blowout in the middle of the night (which has NEVER happened before), layed her down to sleep and went back to lay down myself.  That's when I saw the car lights, saw them shut off in the reflection on our ceiling, heard the car door, and I hopped out of bed.  I saw the car, a 1990's black chevy blazer parked in my driveway and a kid run across our front yard.  At that point, I yelled, "Scott there is someone in our yard" and stay paralyzed in front of the window as Scott hopped out of the bed, joining me at the window.  Next thing I knew Scott was clumsily running downstairs.  By this point the car had backed out of the driveway, the kid had returned to the car (only later did we realize he returned with his first load of our stuff) and then head back for our porch.  He was attempting to remove our window frame with our name on it with no avail as Scott flipped on the outdoor lights.  The car started to speed away with the one guy in hooded sweatshirt running to hop in.  Scott, thankfully, had the sense in that moment to leave the door closed and thankfully we check every night to make sure the doors are locked.  We have no idea if they attempted to enter through the door or basement window...

We are not sure what would of/could have transpired (our minds have gone there though) had Vera not woken up at that odd hour in the night.  My only explanation, GOD.  He took care of us, he provided us such safety in the midst of something that could have gone much worse.

We called the police to report the crime and gave our report...I am sure the items they took will end up on Craig's list or some pawn shop...our ISU garden rock and my door decoration.

I have gone through so many emotions....


are just a few....

But by this point about 12 hours later, I am mostly thankful to God for His protection over us.  You never think it will be your house, your family....but last night it was and I am thankful God's promises are true and that in the fire, He will walk you through.  Things are things, I am not upset they are gone...I can live without them, I am more sad at the loss of security I feel, the thought that someone has taken that feeling of "sanctuary" from our home but I know with time and prayer God will restore that too.

As for the people that did this, I spent today forgiving them.  All I feel now is sadness for them.  I know God will vindicate the situation, His plan is perfect.  He will take care of it and from here, there is nothing more we can do.  Maybe the police will catch them, maybe they won't but God will take care of it...

Counting our blessings today....and thanking God for the outpouring of love and prayers.  We are so incredibly blessed - thank you.

Farewell Sandersons....we will miss you...

Wednesday, July 25, 2012
 Our good friends, The Sanderson's are moving away.  Remember, it is like a mass exodus (that might be a tad over the top) but in all seriousness, we have had 4 families in our church tell us they are moving in the last few months - so sad!  The Sanderson's are like family.  We have grown so much together in our community group, brought home our babies together, and delved into parenthood, supporting each other along the way!  We will miss them so much...but luckily for us they are just going to be 45 minutes south of my parents in MN so we hope to visit them occasionally when we are up that way....Craig already started work in Mankato and Sarah and the kids will join him as soon as their house sells...we hope for their sake, that is sooner than later but until then we are making the most of our time with them!!!  We had a little party in their honor...who doesn't love a potluck?
Solon and his kool-aid lip sweater and borrowed swim trunks...which mom forgets a swimsuit at a backyard swimming party - his mom....

Hanging out and chatting...
The guest of honor...Craig, Andie, Sarah (Caleb cashed in her arms) and Isaac
...and the mommies and the hundreds of kiddos
(okay not hundreds...but you get my point :)

We love you Sanderson Family - you have blessed us with your friendship, helped us to grow in Christ, and we are forever greatful for your investment in our lives and the many memories we will always hold dear!

Little Miss is 10 Months Old...

Tuesday, July 24, 2012
Broken record and you know what is coming....but HOW IS SHE THIS OLD?  I seriously am pushing on the breaks as hard as I can and time won't stop - ah!  My baby is growing up and from time to time when I see her, she seems to have grown since the last moment I looked at her.  She is a precious, precious gift and she recieves hundreds if not thousands of kisses, hugs and cuddles a day (if I can catch her ;)

***Had to include this one....she was done being made to sit still!
...and back to being happy temporarily...

At 10 months Vera is up to everything, here is a glimpse...
  • She weighs about 17 lbs 5 oz
  • She eats mostly table food and likes mostly whatever we eat
  • She loves mac n'cheese, fruit, taco meat, Italian, sweet potatoes, Dutch Letters (ha!)
  • She will eat some veggies but I have to give them to her first so she doesn't have options
  • She drinks out of a sippy well but tries to steal Solon's because his is more tasty with juice
  • She never sits still
  • She loves to be chased
  • Has gotten ticklish this month and laughs like crazy
  • Loves to splash in any pool
  • All smiles for her big brother
  • Loves to wrestle with him and be with him, on top of him and right in his business (sometimes that works out great and other times we build a barrier between them)
  • Crawling up the stairs
  • stands in her bed when she wakes up and babbles
  • goes to sleep all on her own, doesn't want to be rocked to sleep much anymore (tear)
  • SLEEPS THROUGH THE NIGHT (PTL) from 7:30pm (6 am feeding) and goes back to sleep until 7:45-8AM
  • Morning catnap on the go for 20-30 minutes
  • Afternoon nap from 1-4pm
  • Wears mostly 9 months or 6-12 month clothes
  • Size 3 diapers (go through 4-5 a day)
  • Favorite snacks are graham crackers, yogurt bites and puffs
  • Puts everything in her mouth
  • Loves to chew on her thumb and fingers (she is teething)
  • Still no teeth
  • Walks along furniture and pulls self up on everything
  • Can open cabinets and drawers and pull everything out - we have "re" babyproofed
  • Has a protective big brother who helps keep her out of trouble
  • Does not like to be in the car seat, cart, or high chair for too long - wants to be on the move
  • Spends a lot of her time chasing someone around the house
  • Likes to crawl on to the dishwasher, check out the toilet (if the door is not closed) and play in Cy's water bowl.
  • Likes to look out the window
  • babbles all the time and makes funny sounds with her lips/voice
  • waves bye-bye
  • working on the sign for more and thank you but doesn't see a need for it
  • likes to look at books and be read to
  • TV catches her attention occasionally
  • been in the stranger dange mode big and bad but getting better (no tears at church or the gym yesterday!)
  • apathetic about her pacifier - only use it if fussy without mommy
  • loves her blanket and still covers her head to sleep with it
  • pulls out ALL of her cute hairbands - boo!
  • loves to give slobbery kisses
  • prefers mommy over anybody else
  • reaches up for you
  • likes finger plays, songs, rhymes and peek a boo
  • has some excema that we try to keep under control with coconut oil and limited baths (just 1-2 a week)
She is a happy, healthy little girl and we love her SO much.  We can't remember life without her and we are so thankful God knew the desires of our hearts and placed her in our family.  We love you V!

Multitude Monday...

Monday, July 23, 2012
101.  Doctors with super glue that can help God to heal our little guy's "boo-boo"
102.  watching our kiddos light up when they see each other
103.  Vera is still nursing (yay for my milk not drying up like last time)
104.  going to the farmer's market for breakfast as a family
105.  Watching my son get SO excited to ride the little tractor train at the market
106.  How fast God is healing Solon's face, it is AMAZING! (how He created our bodies to heal blows my mind)
107.  God's will being revealed for our community group
108.  My Titus girls and all that we have to look forward to this fall
109.  weekends
110.  a great church family
111.  meal planning for 2 weeks is getting easier and easier
112.  my husband who puts the kiddos to bed so I can watch a season finale of a favorite show ;)
113.  dishwasher (we go through lots of dishes)
114.  sweet corn and farm fresh watermelon from the local farmstand
115.  snuggling with my guy before nap time
116.  sitting on the couch with my feet up after the kiddo's go to bed
117.  a chance to play outside in the backyard pool
118.  planning my kiddo's birthday parties
119.  microwave smores as a family
120. a date night to the home show with good friends

Now, our God, we give you thanks, and praise your glorious name.
1 Chronicles 29:13 **an excerpt from David's prayer

Solon learns to ski...

Yes, gasp, you read that correctly....why shouldn't a 2 year old learn how to water ski?  I mean gosh he is arleady 2....if they make a contraption that can teach him, by golly we will get it and he will learn...and luckily for us he agreed and it was game on!

First things first, getting used to the jet ski looking had the little feet holders just like skis on either side with a little ski rope to hold on to...
Next up a practice run with manual body power in the shallows of the lake...
Yep, that was a success and he was ready for more difficult terrain so although my heart is not ready for my boy to grow up....he wasn't waiting for it to be ready!
So off we went, Grandpa driving the jet holding the other end of the rope and my "big" boy learning how to ski!  He went for a really long time an would have kept going but MY arms were getting sore...
He has a few years to practice with this trainer and a few more swimming lessons before we take him behind the boat but he is game for whatever Grandpa throws at him...I fear I might be surpassed by him and his water sports abilities by the time he is 5 :) He makes us so proud with his go get'em attitude...way to go buddy!

Lake Livin...

Sunday, July 22, 2012
We spent the rest of 4th of July week with my family enjoying lake living and rather than tell you, I will use pictures to demonstrate what we did.....

We did a whole lot of this...

...and this...

**note Scott...he did some of that too...

 ....and this...
(we went to the middle of lake to swim because the water was SO warm along the shore, the middle was much more refreshing!)
...and this....

...and not evidenced on film but more notably noted on my waistline, was eating, eating and more eating...we had a detox when we got home!

Lake living is the best and we are blessed that is a family pasttime we all enjoy and we are passing on the love of the lake to our children!

4th of July....the most wonderful time of the year...

Saturday, July 21, 2012
I am pretty sure I have mentioned (like every year) that the 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays of the year....more than my birthday and right up there with Christmas.  I have spent the last 16 4th of July's on the lakes of Minnesota and to be honest, I would be happy to do that for the next 50!  There is no better way to celebrate all that is good about America with hundreds of other boaters on the open waters, the wind blowing in your hair,  and hanging out with some of your favorite people!  This year my parents invited the Malin's and their friends the Bohlson's to join us in return of the Malin's generous hospitality while my parents visited Australia.  The Malin's were staying with their freinds in Minneapolis about 45 minutes away and we couldn't think of a better way for them to see the fireworks, then with us.  It worked out great.  They came over for an afternoon of floating, tubing, jet skiing and relaxing before a yummy all-American meal and fireworks on the water...
Thankfully our sweet neighbors loaned us an old boat so all 19 of us could go out together!
Auntie Raquel and Vera...look how patriotic they are together...all that red, white and blue goodness!
Boat #1
Boat #2

 I think the Malin's enjoyed it (their last 4th of July fireworks were in DC so we were nervous that this would not compare)!  We were glad we could return the hospitatlity they showed to us and introduce all of them to a lake-style 4th of July!  We sent them home tired....we call that a success!

Cousin love...

Friday, July 20, 2012
Before we left the Dells, we interrupted some tackling (frequent occurence for Solon and Lance) to attempt some you will see from the photo evidence, tackling is more fun than photos!
Our best shot with all 4 grandkids and Papa and Nana...
Best Buddies!
....and so begin the out-takes...Vera is gone first...
...followed by some scheming by Solon...
...and alas Solon is back to tackling...note Grace and Lance are trying their darndest to be good examples!
...and now the boys are off tackling again and Grace is still loving on Vera!

Vera and Solon are blessed to have such great cousins who are great role models!  Grace is a great mother's helper, I seriously want her to come home with me every time were together! And Lance wears Solon out (which is no easy task!)....

Moosejaw Pizza: A Dells Staple...

Wednesday, July 18, 2012
I equate Moosejaw Pizza to Hickory Park in is kind of a staple and everyone tells you to go there while visiting.  It is a pizza place but there is also a lot of other things on the menu (we didn't sample those)...we got pizza and it was GOOD.  My favorite part as referenced by pictures below were the antlers...I love me some silly, goofy antler photos....
Grace, Josh and Vera (I just love how Josh is smiling - so sweet ;)
I think Vera just brings joy to people - look at those sweet, happy smiles!

....this one makes me laugh....
...she even looks good in antlers, I tell you what...
The whole crew in front of the delivery car (with a giant moose on top)...

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