Zoo Time...

After Ellen found out her BIG news (see previous post) we continued on with already scheduled programming and headed off to the zoo to meet my Aunt Chris.  The MN Zoo is quite large...
...So per Solon's request, we took the monorail first on a tour around the zoo.  We saw quite a few animals along the way...Solon was a "tad" disappointed that it only went about 1 mph and kept asking to go faster!  After that, we took a tour of part of the zoo before pooping out 1/3 of the way around...HA!

In our perfectly planned timing (yeah right) we happened upon feeding time for the bears.  They were VERY active, wrestling with one another in the water RIGHT in front of the window.  The trainers, then did a demonstration for us which was REALLY cool!

Solon's favorite part of the zoo was the newly installed fountains complete with no animals...yep his favorite part...ironic huh?!  He could not get enough of the 60 degree water, luckily I knew this would be his favorite part so I packed a swimsuit...but forgot a towel, never to fear Grandma popped for the $19 paper thin beach towel...thanks mom!
We finished the trip by stopping by the dolphin exhibit to see the oldest dolphin in captivity.  Unfortunately, the exhibit is closing in the fall and the dolphins are headed to Chicago!

Is someone tired? 

I did promise Solon a souvenier from the trip, so we headed to the gift shop where I strategically steered him away from an over-priced teeny-tiny train set but alas Auntie Ellen came over and quickly pointed out and guess what Solon chose...yep we walked out $16 dollars poorer with another train set in tow...surprised...no, neither was I!  (don't worry Ellen, I will get you back someday :)!

It was a really fun day and worth the visit but if I had to choose between the 2 zoos we have been to in Minneapolis/St. Paul, I would go to the Como Zoo again.  It is much more compact with easier viewing of the animals!  But that is just my opinon!