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Vera is 9 Months Old...

Wednesday, June 13, 2012
Well, our 9 month photo shoot started out....a tad bit we ate, took a nap and tried round 2 with reinforcements (that included daddy and Solon :)
But as you will find out, V is not about to sit still these days so even with lots of singing, funny faces, and overall silliness...V was not having the photo shoot...this was the best one I got with the sticker!
I am sorry, can we just talk about her EYES...I mean I could stare at them all day, get lost in the beauty of them....AH....she did not get those from me!
Miss V LOVES to be outside and is all smiles when she is watching big bro do his million "races" around the yard...look at those piggly wiggly toes all lady like and crossed...
...and these days she always has a dirty mug from her snack or meal...

So now that you have seen how sweet, adorable, lovely and yummy are little lady is (I know enough bragging already but it is my blog), let's see what she is up to which is A LOT...
  • Vera now eats mostly table food....yep she refuses to be fed except the occasional yo baby, that if she feels like being fed, she will eat.  She has tried most of our meals as of late and I cut them up in teeny tiny pieces.  She likes insists on feeding herself as of the last 2 days! I dare say baby purees are a thing of the past.
  • Vera still has no teeth which doesn't seem to phase her and her sign of any coming in either!
  • She especially loves yogurt, freeze dried yogurt, cheerios, puffs, and graham crackers!
  • She dislikes most veggies these days except for sweet potatoes and squash...and since she insists on feeding herself, we have a hard time with this one...
  • She likes pears, peaches, bananas, apricots, and has tried watermelon, strawberries and blueberries in my smoothie (she loves them :)
  • Vera is now a crawler...she can crawl on smooth surfaces like our wood floors especially and crawls about 3 moves and then army crawls mostly on the carpet and she is getting pretty quick.
  • Now that she is mobile, she is wanting to be with Solon and with his things ALL the time...which doesn't mix well all the time!
  • Vera still nurses in the morning around 5am, goes to sleep again, nurses around 8am, 11 am, before nap at 1:30 and then again around 7 pm before bed.  (5 times)
  • Mommy rocks and nurses her to sleep and we cuddle for a good 45 minutes before putting her in her crib.
  • She still prefers to sleep with her blanket next to her cheek and prefers to nurse with the blanket over her head (she is modest :).
  • She is not very attached to her pacifier but does need it in the car or when she is fussy out and about.
  • She takes a morning cat nap on the go for about 45 minutes and if we are at home it will be an hour and then an afternoon nap that coincides with her brother's from 1:15-3:30pm.
  • She is pulling herself up to her feet
  • She now will dance (or bob up and down) and clap her hands whenever music is playing
  • She flails her legs and arms and squeels when she is excited
  • She loves to do finger plays like Itsy Bitsy Spider, peek-a-boo, and Pat-a-cake
  • She is a water baby and loves to splash and crawl around in the water...
  • She is in the scary stranger stage - and will cry when I leave her at the gym if she is not pre-occupied but does well in both the gym and church nursery.
  • She is now able to use a sippy cup of water (as of today!)
  • She successfully had a babysitter the other evening and went to bed for them with no problems (I call my sitters the baby whisperers - they are good!)
  • Vera likes to to swing, sit in the grass, play with her brothers toys, sing songs, read books, and being held and loved on!
  • Most of the time Solon and Vera LOVE each other, he likes to help her out, protect her, kiss and hug her, and be with her (he still hates it when she cries).
  • She now likes to take her bows out from time to time - we knew the day would come ;0!
  • Vera has a little bit of excema on her back (it is hereditary)
    Vera babbles mama, dada, bubu, blows rasberries, and squeels and babbles all the time...she has things to say
  • She wears mostly 9 month clothes or 6-12 months and wears size 3 diapers.
  • At her last appointment (a week ago) she weighed 16 lbs and 8 oz (which is 30th percentile)
  • She still sits in her baby seat (by this time Solon was in his convertible seat because of weight :)
As you can see our little Lady is at such a fun age full of learning every day.  I swear I tell Scott something new she has done when he comes home from work everyday.  I am so thankful I can be home to watch her and all her firsts.  She is a blessing from above and we love her so much.
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