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So many good-byes...

Thursday, June 21, 2012
It seems as of late, we have 4 friends announce they are moving away.  I say it is quite ironic that in my adulthood, I am the one left behind and they all leave, because as a child I was the one moving away.  I thought it was so easy for them, but now that I am on this side, it is still quite sad...I will miss/already miss them dearly.  A good friend is hard to come by and I am blessed in the friend department.  Luckily for me, sisters in Christ are eternal friends!
Good-bye Bonnie (in the middle), she is a friend from my Titus2Women bible study...they are off to Cedar Rapids with their little lady!
Well after an attempt or two (or 100), this was the best shot we could get...notice my son is crouching...who knows why?!
...and then they were off...maybe that was why Solon was crouching...mark, set, go!

Good friends may come and go but they forever change you and leave an imprint on your heart...
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