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Pool Time: Cascade Falls Edition...

Thursday, June 28, 2012
It is no secret that my kiddos are water babies and Solon asks daily hourly when we are going to the swimming pool.  The backyard pool really doesn't cut it, when I offer to fill that one, he says, "NO, the big fancy swimming pool!"  Last weekend, we decided to head over to the newer (more expensive) pool by our house.  It is open 1 additional hour, so we packed dinner and headed out.  We nearly closed it down too....
They have an area just for little kids and these cannons when swung a certain direction shoot water...a favorite of Solon's
Pool break...resting...don't let this "tired" look fool you...he went, and went, and went some more until it was time to go!
Scott loves pool breaks because adults can still swim so he can go on all the fun water slides over and over again...this one is his one of his favorites...it is the toilet bowl slide....hum!
Solon LOVES slides too and asked repeatedly to go on the others but he is a tad short...I have a dare devil on my hands (the Wisconsin Dells next week should be fun - sigh!).  I have to admit, having a reason to go down the slide and be silly is great for me!  Scott and I took turns going down with him about 100 times...
My boys...precious...just precious....

We try to go to the pool once per week...we normally head there after nap (4pm), take a picnic dinner and enjoy the less busy time of day.  The daycares are gone and most people head home for dinner so it works out great for us...We are keeping track of how often we go to see if a pool pass is a good investment, next year Solon will be full price...I love going to the pool...and I found a suit that was not matronly but not sassy - success!
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