Multitude Monday...

41.  One of my bestest friends in the whole wide world, RAQUEL, is home for 2 weeks in the USA!
42. Tearing up when I saw and hugged her as she got off the plane...
42.  The look on my son's face when he saw his cousins and gave them the balloons he picked out
43.  The funny things Solon says or the way he pronounces certain things (He thought Tom and Jerry was Tom and Joey - made me laugh SO hard)
44.  Solon's faux hawk that his hair stylist gave him (he looked SO grown up) - no that was not my idea
45.  Vera's very gummy but oh so big grin - happy baby!
46.  The way Solon is always protecting Vera...removing objects or placing them out of her reach
47.  Solon's concern whenever I leave home without him...he always wants to know where I am
48.  Alone time with each of my kiddos
49.  Slobbery kisses
50.  coupons - they save us so much money
51.  soft pretzels at Target - they are a lifesaver
52.  Target - I just love that store (I can be thankful for that right?)
53.  coconut oil - it clears up excema and is so yummy to smell
54.  running errands as a family (and the giant fly swatter Solon and Scott found at the dollar store)
55. memory verses that just pop into your head when you need them to remind you of God's promises
56.  laughing with my husband about something only we think is funny
57.  a sleeping dog freshly groomed
58.  lazy friday nights catching up on our favorite TV shows
59.  cuddling a baby for A LONG time before I put her in her bed
60.  peeking in on my sleeping angels to find them both in the same position...precious!

Her children arise and call her blessed
Proverbs 31:28a