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Lakeside Shenanigans...

Thursday, June 7, 2012
Can I just say....there is NOTHING like the lake...probably because I grew up roasting marshmallows, warming my tootsies by the open flame, catching air on a tiny tube tied to a rope attached to a boat going about 25 miles per hour (or more if my mom was driving), running from the hot tub to jump in the "brisk" but "refreshing" early summer MN waters, letting the wind blow in my tangled hair, wearing no make-up, and the list goes on and on and on....luckily I married a man who sees the beauty in lake living and our children are water babies...I LITERALLY had to pull them out kicking and screaming for meals (which were lakeside mind you - we just couldn't eat in the lake!)

This year Vera was in the water for the 1st time (on Memorial Day mind you), loved splashing on the tube with Auntie Ellen and eating sand (yuck but she is FAST).  Solon still LOVES to play a golf/hockey hyrbid on the green, be in the water and his new favorite was the jet ski - and he had a need for speed...I enjoyed being able to tube, jet ski and hot tub again after a year hiatus.  I opted to wait to dust off the cobwebs on the slalom ski until July 4th...I am getting old and I am just not sure I can keep up with the youngen's new tricks....and the water was a tad "refreshing" in my opinon to be completely submerged but that didn't stop the rest of the crew....

Let me just say it again....there is NOTHING like the crystal clear, sandy bottom waters of Lake Waconia!
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