Fishing with Grandma...

One of the great things about little grandkids is they will still fish with you, right mom?  The rest of us gave up fishing a long time ago for other pastimes (mostly because they told me I had to bait my own hook and take the fish off and somehow my fish always swallowed the hook requiring surgery...well you get it) BUT when you catch a fish about every 30 seconds and catch about 10 in the 10 minutes you fish, I'd say that is good fishin...let's just say the fish move slow, are young and niave and just plain easy to reel in...making it perfect for a not so patient but very normal 2 year old!
Just getting the feet wet....(get it!)
So I obviously was not there because I would not encourage my son to kiss fish - ew!!! And thankfully once was enough for him, when prompted while I was there, he politely said "no thank you" - that's my need to kiss fish or really anything but mommy (well and other family) for a VERY long time!
When Vera and I did arrive on the scene, she was very curious and flailed her arms and legs around in excitement as Grandma showed her the fish...Grandma, you might need to find another pole....maybe bedazzled, I think a little someone might join you soon!
And when the fishing got too tiring, our little man placed an encouraging hand on his Grandma's shoulder while they stared into the expanse beyond them...

Solon did do really well, reeled in his own catch, and he has it made because they don't make him bait, de-hook, or do surgery...that is my kind of fishin'

...he stopped fishing when he couldn't count any higher!