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Vera is 8 Months Old...

Monday, May 21, 2012

Our Baby girl is 8 months old...yes you read that correctly, 2/3 of a year old...AH...if she was not so much fun and at such an interactive stage, I would be sad at how fast she is growing up.  She is still my baby and will be forever but she is starting to look more and more like the little girl God has made her to be.  She continues to be a delight to our soul and we love to kiss her, snuggle her, laugh with her, and I especially enjoy rocking her to sleep at night and hanging out just a little longer than necessary just to hold her close!  But let's see what Little Miss V is up to in Month 8...

  •  She is scooching everywhere, I would not call it a crawl but she can get just arout anywhere she wants to go!
  • She is now starting to feed herself puffs, crackers, and cheerios and her hand-eye coordination has vastly improved, as she can now get the puffs in her mouth quite well.
  • Mommy got sick a couple weeks ago and my milk supply decreased and so we are back to getting up in the night (despite my milk supply being back to normal)...sleep training is in order AGAIN!
  • Vera takes a catnap in the morning for about 30-45 minutes (normally in her carseat) and then an afternoon nap from 1pm-3:30pm.  She goes to bed between 7:30-7:45pm and wakes up for the day around 6:45-7am with a nighttime feeding at about 2:30am and 5:30 am (AH!).
  • Vera eats 3 meals a day - generally a fruit and cereal for breakfast, fruit and veggie for lunch and veggie or yogurt for dinner. (she likes the yobaby brand yogurt).
  • She recently figured out how to go from laying down to sitting up (I found her the 1st time in her bed sitting up) and she has showed us several times how she does it.
  • She is very sturdy sitting up now
  • She likes to stand up and can hold on to furniture pretty well by herself
  • recently started disliking being confined in anything including her jumparoo, prefers to be on the floor
  • can be occupied with toys for short periods but doesn't like to be left alone too long
  • Goes through about 4 diapers a day, wears size 3 diapers
  • Wears mostly 6-12 month clothes or 9 month clothes
  • has more shoes, hair bows and dresses than I do in her closet :)!
  • Loves her brother, laughing at all of his antics...
  • Is very talkative, babbling all the times...
  • Loves to be sung to and it will soothe her when she is tired (she especially loves the song Wheels on the Bus)
  • Fascinated by bubbles
  • Likes to swing on the new swingset and ride in the little red car
  • Loves to be outside, most content outside sitting in the grass
  • Still working on using a sippy cup...not much luck yet
  • Still REFUSES to take a bottle or formula (so mommy it is)
  • Loves her orange veggies and most fruits but grimaces when we do peas or green beans
  • Is getting up on all 4's

We are amazed at how sweet, lovable, content and happy our sweet little girl is.  We love her more than words can express and love watching her little personality unfold before our eyes.  She is a ray of sunshine and we thank God for her every day.  We love you Miss V....we can't wait to see what you are up to next...I have a feeling you will be moving shortly :)!
2 comments on "Vera is 8 Months Old..."
  1. Great pictures. Love the picture of her tootsie! 8 months?!?!?!? No way!

  2. Love the pictures!! Especially her little foot!! Wow time is really going by so fast!!


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